Orbs Focuses on The Open Network with Call For Grant Proposals

Orbs Focuses on The Open Network with Call For Grant Proposals

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Orbs, the first execution Layer-3 solution inside the crypto arena, has opened up its grant program for teams and developers to work on TON-based apps. TON, a fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain, which was designed by the team behind Telegram and now community-led, focuses on onboarding billions of users worldwide and offering the value propositions of light-speed transactions, micro fees, and user-friendly apps and it’s also very environmentally friendly.

The Orbs program will open up the floodgates to hopefully entice developers to bring innovation to TON, the very first non-Ethereum Virtual Machine Layer 1 chain, which is now supported by the Orbs infrastructure.

Until now, Orbs had focused purely on EVM-compatible chains, including Ethereum, Binance Chain, Fantom and Polygon, so the move to TON marks a landmark in non-EVM compatibility.


Bringing mass adoption to blockchain

Orbs identified the real merit in The Open Network as it being potentially the first chain that could open up the crypto arena to mass usage, while simultaneously giving developers the chance to build better and more sophisticated decentralized products. In order to do that though, TON will need a flood of new developers building products and applications on its infrastructure. That’s where the Orbs grant comes in.

Participants will need to build products on TON using Orbs-based Layer 3 services. The first stage of the program will require developers to create an Orbs service to aid Dapp developers on TON to verify data off-chain, using Orbs technology. The team must develop a verified smart contract on The Open Network.

In order to participate, developers must have their proposals verified by the OEGP Grant committee. From here, proposals will be picked and the teams will start building. Orbs welcomes other proposals outside of this sphere, which incorporate both Orbs and TON, with grant payments made in installments across a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, TON Coin or the Orbs tokens.

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