Everyrealm Release Fantasy Islands Makes Its Metaverse Debut

Everyrealm Release Fantasy Islands Makes Its Metaverse Debut

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Fantasy Islands, the adventure game developed by web3 powerhouse Everyrealm, has made its metaverse debut. The Sandbox, the virtual realm where big brands and casual consumers alike have been mingling and building, is the setting for the first major release of Fantasy Islands.

Whereas traditional video games must be purchased and downloaded to be played, metaverse games are embedded into the virtual world where they are set, allowing players to seamlessly enter them as they roam. Although not a fully fledged game, there’s enough in Fantasy Islands to keep players entertained as they explore its 100 islands, completing challenges along the way.

Frostbite Villa is the setting for the Fantasy Islands game that can be found at coordinates -3, 5 within The Sandbox. As players explore the mansion, they’ll encounter prompts and clues that will task them with completing seven challenges in total. So far, the game seems to have found favor with The Sandbox regulars who’ve tried it out.


Digging Into The Sandbox

Metaverses Decentraland and The Sandbox were flying the flag for virtual worlds long before Facebook bought up Oculus and then rebranded itself as Meta. Decentraland’s creators had the foresight to envision the need for virtual worlds for the digital generation to interact, while The Sandbox then built upon this concept with its own metaverse. Participants can create and animate voxel art, own and trade virtual land, and create all kinds of games using the built-in game maker.

Everyrealm’s Fantasy Islands showcases The Sandbox at its best: immersive and highly playable, it combines elements of Roblox with The Sims to create a colorful, pixelated world that’s best navigated in leaps and bounds. Ultimately, Everyrealm plans for Fantasy Islands to incorporate much more than merely a multi-level romp. The idea is that denizens of the 100 islands will create their own chic apartments and beachfront villas where they can hang out and of course flaunt the NFTs that adorn the walls of their real estate.

Everyrealm is big on showcasing digital art in all its glory, having built its own virtual gallery for displaying the 4,000-odd NFT’s it’s amassed in its own portfolio.


Playing and Trading in Fantasy Islands

The Fantasy Islands collection comprises a range of NFTs that can be used to enjoy the metaverse game to the fullest. The pick of the bunch are the FI100 cards which provide premium access to the game’s 100 islands and have a current floor price of 19 ETH. Each NFT has specific attributes such as a bar, unique grid coordinates, and gadgets and animals. If you ever wanted to hang with a giraffe, well, in Fantasy Islands you can.

Then there’s the Fantasy Islands collection of fabricant attire and boats, including the obligatory superyacht. It’s still early days for the metaverse, whose quality and range of entertainment is constantly improving. For Fantasy Islands too, this is by no means the metaverse game’s final form. On the strength of the showing so far, however, there’s a lot to love. 

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