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Binance Signs MoU with Kazakhstan to Fight Financial Crimes

Binance Signs MoU with Kazakhstan to Fight Financial Crimes

Binance today announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Financial Monitoring Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of a move toward a global law enforcement training program.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it signed an MoU with the Financial Monitoring Agency of Kazakhstan as part of the exchange’s global law enforcement training program targeted at fighting financial crimes. Binance said in the agreement, it and the country shared an interest in the “safe development of virtual asset markets in the country and the creation of a long-term and sustainable platform for interaction.” The program involves officials from regulatory and law enforcement agencies across the globe and aims to strengthen industry cooperation with both national and international law enforcement, in the battle against cybercrimes and financial crimes. Further, the program intends to identify and block digital assets that were illegally obtained and used for money laundering and financial terrorism.

Tigran Ghambaryan, VP of Global Intelligence, and Investigations at Binance said:

Binance has the most robust compliance program in the industry, including anti-money laundering (AML) and global sanctions principles, as well as tools to proactively detect suspicious accounts and fraudulent activity. We express our gratitude to the Financial Monitoring Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their cooperation and commitment to solving problems in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry.

The Binance Law Enforcement Training Program has already been put in place in various countries across the world including France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, Israel, and the U.K.

The Central Asian country has recently emerged as one of the leading nations for Bitcoin mining and has even approved legislation that will regulate the interactions between local crypto exchanges and financial institutions and will allow registered exchanges to have bank accounts in the country. Kazakhstan however in July enacted a law that amended the country’s tax code to impose a higher tax rate on cryptocurrency miners, but that hasn’t stopped mining in the country.

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