Best P2E Games for You to Explore Alternative Earning

Best P2E Games for You to Explore Alternative Earning

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P2E stands for play-to-earn and is a new way to enjoy online games. As you may have guessed, P2E games allow you to make a profit while enjoying the gameplay. That’s because most of these games are built with blockchain as the underlying technology, allowing the creation of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Like any other crypto or NFT project, all tokens in P2E games have real value and can be won, bought, exchanged, and sold.

In addition to being a gamer, P2E games require you to get acquainted with finance basics and learn more about each game’s ecosystem.

Let’s look at some projects that give you a chance to enjoy gaming and earn crypto and NFTs in the process. started with a sports game called Meta Cricket League (commonly abbreviated as MCL). As soon as the project was launched, 55,000 NFTs were sold in ten minutes, showing the high interest in sports P2E games.

Players can play against other players (PvP matches) and rank on leaderboards. If successful, you’ll win new in-game assets and have a chance to level up your NFTs and upgrade your status. NFTs can be traded in the game, as trading is part of the MCL’s ecosystem. Each NFT will help you create your team of batsmen and bowlers and improve your squad to perform even better against other players.

MCL is just one project, and aims to make other similar projects available, allowing NFTs to have real-time use cases.



MonkeyLeague is similar to MCL as it’s also essentially a sports game based on NFTs. It’s marketed as a Web3 esports gaming project, and players have a chance to create monkey NFTs and create their unique monkey soccer team. The team can compete with other players, and you can earn various rewards in the process, including lucrative non-fungible tokens. 

The whole idea behind MonkeyLeague is to build and manage your team of players to get as effective a team as possible. The game’s ecosystem also includes the so-called MoneyBucks ($MBS), the primary cryptocurrency used for trading on the platform.

MonekyLeague is fun, and it’s built in such a way as to reward the players based on their skills and achievements. In addition to player NFTs, MonkeyLeague also has plans to introduce stadium NFTs, as well as a monkey breeding process for minting new non-fungible tokens. Moreover, the project has been successfully working on achieving strategic partnerships, with AC Milan being its biggest partnership so far and on October 6th will be an auction that includes 16 super Limited Edition Retro AC Milan Monkey NFTs at MagicEden.

Axie Infinity

If you prefer fantasy and monsters to sports gaming, Axie Infinity could be an excellent P2E choice. It revolves around monster battles, with each monster (referred to as an Axie in the game) being one NFT, meaning players can collect NFTs and pit them against other players. Those who are successful in battles can unlock various rewards. Of course, Axie Infinity also has an ecosystem established, as the monsters can also build numerous things, letting you fully immerse in the in-game world. Each Axie has a unique genetic combination that determines its strengths and weaknesses, with millions of possible combinations.

Axie Infinity is also partially owned by players via so-called AXS tokens. AXS owners can have a say in important decisions and influence the future of the popular game.



Decentraland is a virtual game based on the Ethereum platform, where players can have their avatars and own digital land. Each land owner can do whatever they want with their land, even create unique experiences, such as medieval dungeons, imaginary villages, and much more. You can always trade your land and other in-game non-fungible and fungible tokens, as the game has an immersive ecosystem. It’s not as competitive as the previous three games described in this article, but it’s perfect for those who prefer experiences over competition.


Final Thoughts

P2E games and online experiences are the future of gaming and will play an essential part in the formation of Web3. They have already opened many new opportunities for games to make a profit and experience games in a different and more exciting manner. If you’re looking for a way to start your P2E adventure, selecting one of the four featured titles is a great starting point, as they can provide an excellent way to earn money while having fun.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice

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