WinnerBlock : Improvements for the better. : Improvements for the better.

September 15 has been an important date in the Web3 world. This date marked the arrival of the new version of the Winner Block token: Winner Block V2. This update comes with several improvements that we will detail in this article.

Winner Block is an ambitious young company which, in the space of a few months, has brought together a dynamic community around an ambitious project. After a successful pre-sale, the project was able to raise more than 1540 BNB in ​​order to finalize its product.

Winner Block offers players the opportunity to participate in draws with NFT tickets called WCards. The design of each WCard is unique for every jackpot category: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Players must choose four numbers between 0 and 49. These numbers are written on the ticket they mint. Only one number is enough for the player to win part of the jackpot. In addition to draws, Winner Block aims to offer a multitude of games as fun as each other. We have already been able to try the wheel of fortune, free, and playable once every 24 hours.

Are you looking lucky? Winner Block is for you!

V2 Update

Winner Block has achieved the feat of developing a functional and fun web application in just a few months. The first major improvement is the smart contract. They managed to create an auto liquidity fee system to stabilize the WBlock price! The main reason is to develop a system that will automatically collect and add liquidity to the pool based on a rolling percentage of Pancakeswap sales automatically and continuously.

This update also comes with an improvement of the winning rates and gaming experience. With V2, Winner Block players have a higher probability of winning every jackpot! (X5 geater chances of winning). The spirit of Winner Block is to offer better chances to win for the players.

Winner Block is targeting his focus on listings on additional exchanges like CoinmarketCap and Coingecko for a close future!

About the App!

Winner Block's ambition is to put dozens of games online in order to create a playful and fun WebApp. They aim in the near future to implement their environment in different Metaverses.

The future looks bright for Winner Block!

They are also developing an application dedicated to holders so that they can vote and make decisions during community votes! We can take as an example the sums regularly donated to charities.

There is no doubt that Winner Block and its token will continue its evolution and live up to its ambitions. In the space of a few months, all the promises were kept.

We invite you to find out more about this beautiful project which is gaining an increasingly important place in Web3.

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