Public launch of on July 20, 2022!

Public launch of on July 20, 2022!

WinnerBlock has just completed the presale of its WBlock token and it has been a success! More than 1540 BNB (approximately $400,000) were collected by 800 holders to allow the development of the application!

Winner Block aims to offer a decentralized gaming platform on the Binance Smart Chain network. On the menu, sweepstakes, free wheels of fortune and other games in the next updates of the application!

The bet is successful for In a few months, this small team has managed the feat of offering a successful WebApp in beta version to its community. The overwhelmingly positive feedback cemented its position as a rising star in the growing decentralized gaming market.

A simple and innovative system

The principle is simple. Winner Block offers three ranges of playing cards called WCards. These unique NFT tickets allow you to participate in weekly draws.

Players can buy their Wcards with 3 price ranges in WBlock for the weekly jackpot-tickets. The equivalent in dollars are:

- Bronze: $2.5

- Silver: $5

- Gold: $10

The player must choose four numbers between 0 and 49 in order to mint his WCard. The numbers are listed on the ticket. It only takes one number to match and the ticket is a winner! If there is no jackpot winner, the remaining jackpot will grow with every draw.

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