ChangeNOW Builds a Space in the Ariva Metaverse

ChangeNOW Builds a Space in the Ariva Metaverse

With its keen eye on innovation, ChangeNOW has been inspired to create its office in Ariva Wonderland, the world's first tourism metaverse, which combines virtual reality with the travel theme to create an array of seemingly endless immersive experiences. Users can virtually explore stunning attractions, as well as socialize, earn money, and do many other things in a decentralized environment.

ChangeNOW offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange digital assets, choosing from a range of 580+ assets. Aside from its user-friendly website and a mobile app, ChangeNOW provides a comprehensive ecosystem of crypto-related products and services.

Having established a presence in Ariva Wonderland, ChangeNOW is currently developing a metaverse version of its crypto exchange platform, which will allow users to remain connected to the metaverse while getting the digital assets they need.

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