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Trading Simulation Tool Pollen Virtual Goes Live On Mainnet

Trading Simulation Tool Pollen Virtual Goes Live On Mainnet

Pollen, a decentralized crypto asset management platform, successfully completed the mainnet launch of Pollen Virtual. Pollen Virtual is Pollen’s first trading simulation product and was deployed after a community vote. The launch lays the groundwork for other upcoming asset-backed Pollen indexes. 

Create, Manage, And Delegate To Virtual Portfolios 

Pollen Virtual is a trading simulation tool that allows users to create, manage, and delegate to virtual portfolios and generate signals for upcoming asset-backed Pollen Indexes. The simulation tool was launched after a community vote, in which it received overwhelming support and was voted in by 99% of PLN token holders. 

Testing Trading Strategies 

Pollen Virtual is the result of over two years of development, followed by six months of active testing that saw the participation of over 7000 community members. The simulation tool allows users to test out their trading strategies in a sandbox environment and encourages them to outperform the market, earning reputation and PLN tokens as rewards. 

Pollen Virtual builds on already existing token-reward-driven trading simulation concepts. Its proprietary reputation scoring algorithm and delegation features enable traders to highlight their abilities. Any trader that is less confident can entrust their PLN tokens to top performers in exchange for an 80% share in the profits. 

Laying The Foundation Of The Pollen Ecosystem 

While Pollen Virtual is a completely standalone project, it plays a critical role in laying the groundwork for the larger Pollen ecosystem, which is a circular, self-perpetuating asset management mechanism that will be completed with Pollen Indexes. 

Pollen incentivizes virtual trading through PLN token rewards and utilizes the collective intelligence of traders, converting it into signals which can be fed into pollen’s asset-backed, community-driven Pollen Indexes, which are slated to launch by Q4 of 2022. 

Speaking about the launch of Pollen Virtual and other related developments, Co-founder and Project Lead at Pollen, Philip Verrien, commented, 

We are developing a living, breathing asset management ecosystem run by a hive mind – truly decentralized, community-driven, and meritocratic. The launch of Pollen Virtual is a first impulse which sets this hive mind’s cogs in motion. That our community voted so overwhelmingly in favor of bringing this product to market gives us all the more confidence that pollen is on the right track.

Pollen Virtual has a significant reward pool of 106 million PLN tokens which are to be distributed over four years. Users can access the reward pool through and are required to stake a minimum of 1 PLN to be able to create a portfolio or begin delegating. 

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