The debuting CryptoDaily™ Awards is over – we unveil our 2022 winners and prize-winners

The debuting CryptoDaily™ Awards is over – we unveil our 2022 winners and prize-winners

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Today we honor the winners of CryptoDaily™ very first international Awards for disruptive Web3 builders and popularizers. This year’s event marks the beginning of our annual celebration of the industry’s most ambitious innovators who especially excel in shaping the decentralized future.   

As passionate advocates of all things Web3, we inaugurated the Crypto Daily Awards to showcase the brightest individuals accelerating mass adoption of crypto, blockchain, and other related technologies. We strongly believe that each outstanding talent, who is particularly successful at bringing decentralization to the mainstream, should be praised and recognized as they deserve. And our award is supposed to turn this idea into reality by highlighting each year’s top gainers to the community through the Crypto Daily platform. 

Our editorial policy wraps around transparency, so does the Crypto Daily Awards. And before we move on to disclosing the results, let us say a few words about the rules and evaluation criteria.


The Crypto Daily Awards features five categories: Entrepreneurship, Development, Design, Marketing & PR, and Trading. Such a classification aims at covering the major focus areas of Web3-fluent rock stars, from disruptive founders, traders and software engineers to creative visual artists and communications guru. 

The 2022 winners were selected on the basis of qualitative and quantitative criteria, namely:

  • Evidence of leading the development and delivery of cutting-edge Web3 projects;

  • Evidence of engagement with the business to drive Web3 adoption;

  • Evidence of skill set growth and personal accomplishments;

  • Evidence of exceptional leadership and excellence in the field;

  • Evidence of results implemented because of the honoree's work;

  • Demonstrable enthusiasm for and creativity in Web3.

The assessment of nominees was carried out by Crypto Daily’s editorial board. We’ve been in crypto since its early days, having accumulated a wealth of experience due to our professional duty and insatiable desire to explore emerging technologies. So, within the prime event, we leveraged our expert knowledge to define the “best of the best”, presenting them as:

  • Winners – unrivaled gainers whose individual performance is the most worthy by all criteria;

  • Runner-ups – those who were a few steps behind the winners, but couldn’t outperform them;

  • “Honorable mention” awardees – personal favorites of our editors across all categories.

Within two weeks we have been doing a thoughtful assessment of over 50 worthy candidates in each nomination. And we’re finally proud to introduce this year’s winners and prize-winners.


Here’s the list of the 2022 Crypto Daily Awards honorees grouped within the frames of their categories and sorted from winners to “honorable mention” awardees.


Winner – Joseph Lubin, CEO and founder of ConsenSys

Joseph Lubin, also known as the co-founder of Ethereum, is the CEO at ConsenSys which he founded to empower Web3 technologists and entrepreneurs. Throughout a year, Joseph has successfully made his company a broad machine rapidly capitalizing on fundamental emerging constructs, including L2s, bridges, and NFTs, and playing a key role in developing CBDCs around the world. ConsenSys is also the parent company for MetaMask, the premier self-custodial wallet that has recently seen the commercial launch of its institutional version created to onboard trading firms and crypto custodians to the DeFi boom.

Runner-up – Hayden Adams, CEO and founder of Uniswap Labs

For Hayden Adams, the founding CEO of Uniswap, the past year was marked with a few notable events. First, the company unveiled a much-anticipated version 3.0 of its extremely popular decentralized exchange, enabling liquidity providers to increase control over price ranges and to be more fairly compensated for all the risks they take on. This allowed Uniswap to encounter deeper liquidity than leading centralized exchanges. On top of that, Adams played a massive role in the development – especially the governance participation component – of Uniswap Labs Ventures, a brand-new VC fund backing Web3-centric businesses.

“Honorable mention” awardee – Steven Bartlett, serial entrepreneur, founder of Thirdweb

Steven Bartlett is driving the popularity of Thirdweb, his latest innovative startup for building Web3 apps on top of blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon. The platform provides tools allowing users to integrate features like NFTs, marketplaces and social tokens with projects without writing a line of code. Earlier, Bartlett was the co-founder and the co-CEO of Social Chain digital advertising agency leveraging opportunities of social media in product development, brand building, and sales. He is also famous for running the “Diary of a CEO” podcast and being the youngest investor participating in the long-running BBC One show Dragons' Den.


Winner – Alex Atallah, ex-CTO and co-founder of OpenSea

Alex Atallah was responsible for developing OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace out there. Alex abandoned the CTO position in July, but he remained on the company’s board, focusing on the Web3 and NFT ecosystem development and presenting OpenSea in its recently established NFT Security Group. With this one-of-a-kind alliance, Attallah’s goal is to crowdsource Web3 security, tackling impending vulnerabilities before they happen. Prior to starting OpenSea, Alex worked as a software engineer at Palantir and Apple. His dev skills include over 10 programming languages like Solidity, JavaScript, and Go. 

Runner-up – Alex Connolly, CTO and co-founder of Immutable X

Alex Connolly is the founding CTO of Immutable X, engaged in building the infrastructure for Web3 games and fostering the digital assets ownership. At his role, he oversees the development of roll-up technology that reduces energy consumption associated with blockchain operations and eliminates hefty fees, thus scaling Web3 games for mass adoption. Alex also decides what products the company should build next. Before Connolly joined Immutable X, he studied Computer Science and Law at the University of Sydney, where he was building a programming language for stack-based smart contract VMs called Guardian.

Honorable mention awardee – Will Robinson, VP of Engineering at Coinbase

Will Robinson saw a great year as the VP of Engineering at Coinbase, one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Robinson leads the company’s suite of products that ensure direct user interactions with blockchains, including newly launched Coinbase Pay, a sensational initiative that makes fiat-to-crypto transactions easy, fast, and secure. Any company can incorporate Coinbase Pay to their apps with a few lines of code, with a single integration introducing users to a broad range of crypto assets and fiat currencies. Prior to Coinbase, Will was the CTO at ASAPP and held several technical leadership roles at Google.


Winner – Valery Lebedenko, an award-winning designer for multiple Web3, crypto, and blockchain projects

Valery Lebedenko is a distinguished Web3 designer, specializing in crypto and blockchain projects. As the founder of her own cutting-edge Welision design studio, she leads collaborations with the industry’s biggest players, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality. Valery’s portfolio features refining user experiences and interfaces of popular NFT marketplaces and crypto exchanges. In 2022, Lebedenko was also recognized by the community for creating Product Hunt award-winning products. Apart from her career in Web3 design, she’s emerging as an expert blogger, sharing insights into the fast-growing UX/UI landscape.

Runner-up – Marcelo Crespo, head of design at The Sandbox

Marcelo Crespo is a seasoned UI/UX designer, with persuasive experience in the game industry. As the head of design at The Sandbox, an exciting metaverse for building, owning, and monetizing gaming experiences, he is in charge of creating, designing, and managing the company’s ecosystem, while also spearheading all design processes. This year, The Sandbox saw the launch of its extremely successful Alpha Season 2 gameplay that attracted a multitude of new users to register on the platform. Earlier in his career, Marcelo provided designs for games, such as Anthem and Element Space.

“Honorable mention” awardee – Haruko Huynh, lead product designer at BlockFi

Haruko Huynh, an end-to-end UX professional, joined BlockFi, one of the first-ever platforms to offer crypto-backed loans, as the lead product designer in March 2022. Since then, she has been working alongside the company’s product, business and engineering teams to constantly improve the usability and aesthetics of BlockFi’s multi-faceted financial tools, thus having great influence on the product roadmap. With a huge passion for conducting in-depth user research and brainstorming solutions, Haruko believes in the power of collaboration and teamwork for shaping Web3’s user-oriented projects. 

Marketing & PR

Winner – Itai Elizur, COO of MarketAcross

Itai Elizur, is a well-known marketing expert for Web3 and B2B Startups that has more than 10 years of experience working in digital marketing with an emphasis on earned-media and PR campaigns, content strategy, paid media and social growth.

Elizur and his team actively help online businesses with PR, SEO, content marketing, reputation management, and thought leadership development. MarketAcross works with leading brands like Binance, Crypto.com, Polkadot and many others.

Runner-up – Nadav Dakner, CEO of Chainwire

Nadav Dakner, a veteran digital marketer and entrepreneur, has garnered significant attention as a high-demand specialist trusted by Web3’s grandest brands such as Binance, OKX, Polygon, and more than 400 clients. Nadav founded Chainwire, a PR distribution platform connected with over 100 leading crypto outlets. The platform enables crypto brands and agencies to distribute their press announcements to the homepages of leading web3 magazines for targeted exposure and traction.

“Honorable mention” awardee – Tyler Daniel Smith, CEO and founder of Coinbound

Ty Smith is an acclaimed crypto marketer and the leader of Coinbound, awarded as the best crypto and NFT marketing agency of 2022 by Influencer Marketing Hub. Here, Ty curates the creation of marketing campaigns for tier-1 brands like MetaMask, Tron, and Cosmos, thus representing a great portion of the top crypto companies by market cap. With Coinbound, Smith’s goal is to boost clients’ growth, using various tools like media buying, influencer marketing, PR, and community management. His other accomplishments include hosting successful podcasts about crypto marketing and contributing to the industry’s leading media outlets such as Cointelegraph.


Winner – Aleksandr "Professor" Klinkov, a seasoned trader, the KCGI 2021 winner, and the originator of "Smart Trading" system

Alexander Klinkov is a professional trader with 7 years of experience, having achieved a notable victory at the KCGI World Futures Tournament 2021. Klinkov's appreciation extends beyond trading, as he has effectively instructed thousands of people around the world using his own "smart trading" system. He is highly respected in the trading community for his informative and entertaining YouTube channel on trading strategies and ideas. In 2022, he made a significant contribution by accurately predicting the collapse of the crypto market, thereby protecting thousands of deposits. His foresight and experience as a trader/analyst have played a critical role in maintaining financial stability for the entire industry.

Runner-up – Peter Brandt, CEO of Factor, a seasoned trader and financial analyst

Peter Brandt is a classical chartist and a trading adept who has been active in the foreign exchange and futures markets for more than 40 years. He kept an eye on financial markets until cryptocurrency took off as a disruptive new asset class. In 2017, Peter proved his legendary status in the crypto domain, predicting that year’s Bitcoin price crash. Since then, he has been contributing to multiple crypto news outlets, providing them with his in-depth trading expertise and accurate analysis of ongoing market trends. Next to that, Brandt regularly shares Bitcoin price forecasts to hundreds of thousands of his Twitter followers, as well as imparting guidance and examples of his own trading strategies. 

“Honorable mention” awardee – Tone Vays, a popular derivatives trader, consultant, and influencer

Tone Vays had a decade of experience working on Wall Street before he discovered Bitcoin. Since then, he’s been educating the world on his YouTube channel about the significance of the revolutionary blockchain technology. Tone has quickly emerged as the focal point of crypto trading on Twitter, while he has also been well-liked on many other social media platforms. Apart from that, he creates his own content at tonevays.com, speaks at multiple subject matter conferences, and produces three events: “Unconfiscable”, “Understanding Bitcoin” and “The Financial Summit” for both traders and hedge funds. Vays’ exclusive posts and reports are particularly useful for those learning how to trade cryptocurrencies.

Final words from Crypto Daily

A hearty congratulations to all our winners and prize-winners, rewarded for their incredible achievements in the Web3 space. We are happy to celebrate your creative and business excellence – the range of innovation and level of accomplishments make this a truly remarkable event.  

We are eagerly waiting for the next Crypto Daily Awards to take place in 2023. Our editors will keep a close eye on all coming innovations to reward the Web3 gems who propel them forward. 

If that sounds like you, go ahead –  your chances to win are secured every day!

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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