Zondax Builds Ledger Applicatons For Polkadot Parachains 

Zondax Builds Ledger Applicatons For Polkadot Parachains 

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The Web3 Foundation continues to push the boundaries of crypto and blockchain accessibility. A new partnership with Zondax will bring native Ledger applications to all Polkadot parachain auction winners. It marks a significant breakthrough and milestone for Web3 development. 


Ledger Apps For All Polkadot Parchain Winners

The Web3 Foundation is the entity responsible for launching the initial version of Polkadot in May 2020. From the onset, the collective wants to elevate blockchain development to a new level by focusing on efficiency, speed, and parachains. Every parachain runs in parallel to the Polkadot chain but can be used to serve a specific purpose, e.g., a project or protocol. There will be 100 parachains initially, and "slots" are awarded to auction slot winners. 

With those parachains, it becomes a bit trickier for the average consumer to figure out how to access specific projects or where to store assets belonging to a particular parachain. Zondax, a front-line blockchains service provider, acknowledges they can simplify things. Through a collaboration with the Web3 Foundation, the team will develop native Ledger applications for Polkadot parachain auction winners.

Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet for dozens of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and ecosystems. Having a native application for that device is a significant breakthrough and makes everything more accessible and manageable. Zondax and the Web3 Foundation share aligning values to nurture innovative applications for decentralized web software protocols. Applications for the Ledger hardware will streamline that process.

Zondax's in-house engineers and builders have been working on ledger applications for Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel, and Clover, the five initial Polkadot parachain auction slot winners. Every winner can choose from Basic, Standard, and Custom development packages. The Web3 Foundation will reward parachain slot winners with the Basic packages free of charge. However, teams can upgrade to the Standard or Custom option on request. 


A Prominent Development For Polkadot

The Ledger applications being built by Zondax bring Polkadot one step closer to achieving its vision. Parachains, built through Polkadot's Substrate SDK, can interact with each other through the Polkadot Relay Chain. Ledger applications will further enhance that interconnectivity and enable users to explore the broader Polkadot ecosystem. 


Zondax founder Juan Leni adds:

"Zondax has been building innovative software solutions and offering professional services to blockchain pioneers. We contribute to the Web 3.0 backbone, a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data, identity and destiny. The Web3 Foundation has been building an entire ecosystem to make the passion of delivering Web 3.0 a reality. Thus, I am very excited to see Zondax and Web3 joining hands and creating a Web 3.0 future together as our values align well. I believe this exclusive collaboration will mark yet another milestone in interconnected blockchain technology, leading us to the dawn of a future parachain ecosystem. As envisioned in the Polkadot paper, together, we are searching for a system capable of achieving global-commerce levels of scalability and privacy."

The Web3 Foundation and Polkadot collaboration will remain in place until June 30, 2023. All Polkadot parachain slot winners between now and then will be eligible for their native Ledger application built by Zondax. The team of builders and engineers has created over 45 applications for the Ledger ecosystem to date. 

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