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Infinite Arcade Gaming Platform Ignites the NFT Space with its Unique P2E Games and Exclusive Benefits

Infinite Arcade Gaming Platform Ignites the NFT Space with its Unique P2E Games and Exclusive Benefits

Non-Fungible Tokens are one of the largest dimensions of blockchain technology. It has provided unprecedented opportunities for game developers, gamers, artists, and crypto investors. Play-to-Earn gaming platforms are a reality of NFTs and one of the most precious gifts of the virtual world.

Infinite Arcade leverages the abundant opportunities of the NFT space to develop a gaming platform that features innumerable casual P2E games and titles that offers incentives for gamers.

About Infinite Arcade

Imagine a high school playground outside the classrooms where students are allowed to play any game without limitations. The only condition is that students must come to school. That is Infinite Arcade. It is one hub that offers thousands of games and titles. Engaging in the Infinite Arcade casual P2E gaming platform also avails gamers the opportunity to earn while playing. Awesome, right? Yea.

The Infinite Arcade ecosystem interface is user-friendly. Like the students who must come to school to gain access to any game of choice in the playground in our imaginary school above, Infinite Arcade users must own an Avatar NFT to begin. There are 10,000 genesis NFTs minted for beginners. Users who already own an NFT have access to playing games, trade, share and earn.

The availability of over a thousand casual P2E games in just one hub has placed Infinite Arcade steps above the too many P2E gaming platforms in existence. As a result of its uniqueness and possibilities, Infinite Arcade has been said to be the largest casual P2E gaming platform among millions of other mobile games providers. The gaming platform is fun, rewarding, inspiring, and reliable.

The Benefits of Joining Infinite Arcade 

Fun is a priority in Infinite Arcade; therefore, the platform has offered lots of benefits to its community of users. One of such benefits is the ability to access over a thousand games at a time and the opportunity of becoming a stakeholder. Moreover, Infinite Arcade boasts 15,000 game studios and over 10M gamers worldwide. Before the first month of 2023, the team expects to deploy another 200+ games, enabling gamers to play and earn more. However, these benefits are only available to gamers who get whitelisted and join the Infinite Arcade Community. 

How to Join the Whitelist

Joining the whitelist is one of the simplest tasks to complete. Visit the website; in the spaces provided, insert your Discord information which includes your username and email, then your crypto wallet address, and click on submit.

Note: the whitelist is accessible until 9th May 2021. The pre-sale will commence on 10th May 2021, and only those who are successfully whitelisted can join the pre-sale. HURRY now, do not be left out.

Importantly, there are 6,666 NFT assets in the 3rd Gamer NFT collections. Purchased NFTs can be used to access any Infinite Arcade game. For those who might not have the financial assets to purchase their own NFT, but also would like to play & earn: don’t worry, Infinite Arcade got you covered with the exclusive 5000+ scholarship program.

Accessing the Scholarship

Yes, there is an existing scholarship option for those who cannot afford to buy an NFT. It is more like a loan. The platform provides an NFT for a gamer to enable him to participate and earn.  However, the player is obligated to pay a percentage of his earnings to the original NFT owner. That is it.

Infinite Arcade has entered into agreements with various guilds to consolidate the scholarship program. One of these agreements is with Nexxt Gaming Guild. NGG has disbursed uncountable scholarships for crypto projects and P2E gamers globally.


Regret is painful but avoidable. Join the whitelist; there could be no other time better than now. Whitelising ends on the 9th of May and the sale will start on 10th May, 9am PDT. For more information, join the Discord channel or visit the website. Get whitelisted now for the 3rd gamer NFT collection, the first 2 batches sold out quickly!

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.