Colizeum Will Disrupt Mobile Gaming Monetization With Its $ZEUM Token Generation Event And Staking Support On May 4

Colizeum Will Disrupt Mobile Gaming Monetization With Its $ZEUM Token Generation Event And Staking Support On May 4

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Colizeum prepares to take the next step in its journey to shake up the broader gaming industry. Its upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) will occur across various exchanges and trading platforms, ensuring everyone can access the sale. Disrupting the $116 mobile gaming industry is the first objective. 


The Purpose of Colizeum

Gaming is a fascinating industry, although one that leaves players without control over their in-game assets. With the help of blockchain and NFT technology, that situation will change in the coming years. Colizeum acknowledges a need for more infrastructure and services to make that change happen. The team wants to enable all video game developers to introduce new blockchain-based monetization options into their games without friction.

More importantly, this new solution will not replace more traditional offerings. Instead, it is all about giving developers more options to experiment with to increase their revenue. Game builders can explore these options through Colizeum's Software Development Kit (SDK). For now, the initial focus rests on mobile gaming, where monetization options for developers are often hard to come by. App stores take a 30% cut, and there are potential chargebacks and fraudulent transactions to contend with. 

Developers can use numerous methods to improve their earnings. Whether they build blockchain-only games or combine blockchain-based monetization with in-app purchases and ads is up to them. These extra revenue options will help builders free up more time to focus on developing their game rather than external concerns like ad revenue and intermediaries. 

One extra benefit to consider is how Colizeum helps game developers monetize Tier 3 markets. That was virtually impossible until now. Interested builders can look forward to the SDK beta release in June 2022. The initial version has native support for staking and NFT minting. Additionally, it features a bridge to move tokens between Ethereum and the BNB Chain, hinting at more multi-chain opportunities moving forward.

Strong Investor Support And Publisher Commitment

The vision by Colizeum is intriguing, as it puts a different spin on mobile game monetization. Investors see merit in this approach, as the team has secured funding from  TPS, Axia8 Ventures, SevenX Ventures, X21 AU21 Capital, etc. Mobile gaming is a booming market and one that needs disruption in the monetization field. Blockchain technology can help unlock new opportunities for many [aspiring] game developers.


The solution by Colizeum is of interest to those building a mobile game today. Five games have committed to integrating the new SDK into their platform and will be accessible through Colizeum's Game Store. The first game is "Dystopia: Contest of Heroes", deemed the Best Strategy Game of 2020 by Huawei AppGallery. The game will have a blockchain-based version, too - Dystopia: Battle Arena - highlighting the multi-pronged approach developers can take with this SDK. 


The $ZEUM Token And NFTs

Players looking to earn from playing will need a Player Card. These come in Eltie NFTs and Gladiator NFTs, usable across all games in the Colizeum Game Store. In addition, there are 5,000 Elite Player Cards, enabling access to minting all other Player Cards to be released. NFT Holders can access the never-before-seen utility to access all games on the Colizeum platforms and their associated in-game earning mechanics. 

Colizeum takes a radical approach to address some key issues affecting mobile game development and is monetization today. However, it does so in a non-intrusive way, as its solution can co-exist with traditional revenue-generating opportunities. In the Web3 environment, empowerment will come to players and builders alike. Colizeum's SDK is an excellent example of what that future may offer. 

Powering the Colizeum ecosystem is $ZEUM, a token that will soon become accessible through various centralized and decentralized exchanges. The Token Generation Event occurs on May 4 at 04:00 am UTC across, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap. The staking of $ZEUM will offer token holders rewards from day one. Staking will be enabled on May 4th, either through single-sided staking or joining  liquidity pool. The latter option will reward a 4x higher APY and all staking pools have a minimum lockup of 6 months. 

All $ZEUM stakers will unlock additional benefits, including surprise $ZEUM token and Colizeum partner token airdrops, NFT rop whitelist spots, higher-income rates from games on the Colizeum Game Store, and exclusive in-game quests and rewards. 

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