5 Projects In The NFT Space To Watch Out For In 2022 Q2

5 Projects In The NFT Space To Watch Out For In 2022 Q2

With millions of NFTs for sale, and countless projects launching daily, it can seem a little difficult to find and access the most promising projects to potentially invest in. The following NFT projects have been selected as some of the most promising NFT projects in the second quarter of 2022, based on their uniqueness, and their role in the changing Web3 landscape.


SparkWorld* has been touted by its creators as being one of the most cutting-edge and innovative projects of the year due to a number of factors, namely their  revolutionary concept for NFT whitelisting called Fair Prediction Launches, or FPLs.

The SparkWorld*  FPLs use a number of blockchain-based techniques that make ecosystems more accessible, non-volatile, and sustainable. SparkWorld* makes the standard NFT first-come-first-serve launch model obsolete by replacing it with a for-you-by-you (FUBU) model that comfortably sits on Fair Prediction Launches. 

SparkWorld* will be a full-scale NFT marketplace with prediction markets integrated for proper user rewards. Furthermore, because SparkWorld* is focusing on NFTs and NFT gaming in the AVAX and ETH ecosystems, artists, collectors, gamers, or token stakers are encouraged to participate.

Big Town Chef

Celebrity TV chef Gino D'Acampo has launched a next generation metaverse gaming experience named Big Town Chef. The metaverse game allows players to farm, trade virtual ingredients and compete in cook off battles in a 3D Metaverse environment called Big Town.

This decentralised cooking battle platform uses standard practices in today's metaverse mechanisms. Users can earn tokens and trade these for real-world rewards as well as collect digital assets. If you wish to participate, you must first acquire one of the platform's NFT chef avatars available. 

Big Town Chef is run with the help of its own $BURP token that is powered by the Polygon network, and offers great efficiency, speed, and low cost - features often hard to find in the more established projects.


Play-to-earn blockchain games may be one of the fastest growing trends in the space, however not all GameFi is created equal. What should act as a mechanism for absolute and verifiable user in-game ownership has become another hype-driven train incentivising nothing more than monetary value acquisition. 

Lepricon is a project that aims to make decentralised gaming fun and fair and believes that making gaming on-chain will contribute to the mainstream adoption of blockchain. Lepricon has built its own blockchain called Leprichain which also has a custom block explorer attached to it. Everything in Lepricon's operations is about efficiency both for its team and members of the community. 

Despite having started its activities very recently, the project has already introduced numerous blockchain-powered mini-games (largely inspired by the classic 80s-90s consoles) with the help of Shamrock Studios which is now part of Lepricon. $L3P, Lepricon's native token that sits on Leprichain, is the key to unlocking access to the aforementioned mini-games. 

Moving forward, Lepricon will be developing a whole suite of different mobile and web-based games that not only allow the user to own a part of the games they play but will also continue to provide further rewards.

Lepricon is also working on what's called The Pack Generator - a feature that enables third parties to create Packs (NFTs) which are already pre-loaded with digital assets of different kinds. This will allow Lepricon to create NFTs in the future and release them on Leprichain.

Anonymous Fox

Anonymous Fox is the name of an NFT project that is inspired by the values of hackers, but without any of the insidious associations of hacking. 

While the project may share the same name as a recent hack that targeted WordPress, AnonymousFox is an innovative collection that has hidden gems inside. Anonymous Fox will reveal its true face in one of their exclusive NFTs. The pseudonymous individual, or group, has created this experience as a way to promote inclusion, community, and participation in decentralised environments that they believe are slowly changing the world. 

Anonymous Fox will sit on the ETH & NEAR blockchain - a network well-known for its sustainability and low costs, so that the people interested in the project will be able to have the optimal experience when acquiring and trading Anonymous Fox NFTs. In addition, they have teased the introduction of physical merchandise-powered NFTs that represent real item ownership itself. 

Fans of the NEAR blockchain and those who believe in freedom of information, privacy, and inclusion, should keep their eyes peeled for the AnonymousFox launch.


Pattie Boyd, the former wife of legendary British music icons Eric Clapton and George Harrison, as well as  the 'Layla' in Clapton’s songwriting, is preparing to release an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

The memorabilia collection consists of pictures that feature the finest moments from the 60s and 70s Rock n Roll music culture. Audio clips will also be attached to some of the NFT pieces. The collection will be created in collaboration with Rarible, one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world today. 

RECOLLECTION  is set  to launch in April 2022 through the RR auction house along with digital Rarible sales. Those who purchase the historic pictures will also be able to add royalty rates to NFTs for their resale.

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