K-Pop Enters The Sandbox Metaverse

K-Pop Enters The Sandbox Metaverse

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The Sandbox has partnered up with Cube Entertainment to develop tokenized assets for the game featuring K-Pop and other elements of Korean culture. 

“AniCube” Bringing K-Pop To The Sandbox

The Sandbox metaverse game, owned by gaming giant Animoca Brands, has recently announced a partnership with Cube Entertainment. One of the goals of the collaboration is to give Korean culture a global platform propelled by the hype behind metaverses and NFTs. The joint venture, which is being dubbed “AniCube,” will focus on expanding the Metaverse, by bringing in more and more companies into the metaverse and hosting events to introduce them to K-culture, especially K-pop. The partnership will also develop tokenized assets for the game featuring Korean culture such as K-Pop. In addition, “AniCube” is also working on establishing a cultural space, known as the “K-Culture complex,” which will be established on a plot of virtual land owned by Cube inside The Sandbox metaverse. 

K-Pop Fans Meets NFT Bros

K-Pop or South Korean pop music has gained popularity across other Asian countries like Japan and China. In fact, K-Pop fans can be found globally, especially for popular bands like BTS and Blackpink. Cube Entertainment, a South Korean record label with prominent K-Pop stars under its banner, has partnered up with gaming giants Animoca Brands and The Sandbox metaverse to merge the global success of these bands with the NFT craze right now. 

Announcing the partnership, The Sandbox COO and Co-Founder, Sebastien Borget said,

"Cube is truly embracing the spirit of the open Metaverse by moving one step further into The Sandbox via its K-culture hub, where it is actively curating local brands and partners of their main K-POP label and offering them presence into The Sandbox through its own lands"

Similar Partnerships 

Animoca Brands had started its metaverse plans ever since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. Back in November 2021, the company had announced its plans to collaborate with Cube Entertainment to establish a K-Pop Metaverse. Animoca’s president Evan Auyang has also expressed that the company is looking at its next round of investors to fund its participation and expansion in the metaverse. 

Other brands have also tried to blur the lines between entertainment and the blockchain. For example, Universal Music had announced the launch of its new NFT band called Kingship, featuring only characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. In another instance, US-based metaverse concert organizer Animal Concerts had partnered with South Korea’s Klatyn blockchain to host Korean music concerts in the Metaverse, with a special focus in K-Pop. 

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