Fantasy Sports Turn Lucrative as Players Earn Cryptocurrencies and NFTs for Playing on Polysports

Fantasy Sports Turn Lucrative as Players Earn Cryptocurrencies and NFTs for Playing on Polysports

The new Web3 based fantasy sports platform, Polysports offers a huge upgrade for sports fans by enabling them to experience their favourite pastime in a Web3 setting. The blockchain-driven ecosystem offers the much-needed transparency, fair play and earning opportunities that are currently unavailable in the traditional Web2 environment.

The fast-growing multibillion dollar fantasy sports industry is ripe for innovation as it remains unchanged for a long time, without addressing the needs of its users. Most of the existing Web2 fantasy sports platforms are based on a standard template, with users required to put their fantasy teams against those of their peers throughout the tournament or league season for the outcome. Even then, the lack of transparency and traceability leaves the participants exposed to possible manipulation, in terms of the number of participants, results, and winnings.

In addition, the general experience on these Web2 based fantasy sports platforms remains purely mechanical and bland as they miss out on user engagement and interactivity features.

Addressing the concerns of Fantasy Sports Players

Polysports is a blockchain-based Web3 fantasy sports and NFT metaverse ecosystem that brings transparency and accountability, along with a plethora of features that focuses on user engagement through interactive games, events, and DeFi-enabled earning opportunities. The platform champions the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) format of fantasy sports where players have the flexibility to pick an event and choose the duration of their play. Meanwhile, the use of blockchain technology and Polysports’ own token for transactions within the ecosystem enables meticulous record-keeping of all activities which can be readily verified, thus ensuring complete transparency.

In addition to peace of mind for the platform users, the integrated DeFi and NFT features enhance the value and utility of the ecosystem beyond fantasy sports players by offering them better rewarding and earning opportunities that are non-existent on conventional platforms. Polysports also opens the doors for fan engagement initiatives between sports clubs, brands, and fantasy sports players through NFT drops, rewards, special events and other exclusive privileges. With all these features, made possible by web3 adoption, Polysports is not only addressing the longstanding issues in the industry, but also pioneering the entry of fantasy sports into the metaverse.

Winners will get a boost on Polysports

Polysports simplifies the whole process of participation in fantasy sports to earn rewards. Designed for seamless user experience, the platform enables users to sign up for free and start putting together a team in no time. Each account on Polysports comes with their own crypto wallet ready to be funded with the platform’s utility token. Armed with their fantasy teams, users can pick an upcoming event from the list, make a deposit, and start playing against other teams.

Each activity on Polysports will earn rewards for the users in the form of utility tokens that continue to accumulate in the wallet associated with their account. As a token holder, users can further amplify their rewards by utilizing the staking and farming features provided as part of the platform’s DeFi offering. By doing so, they can enjoy enhanced reward pay-outs along with staking yields and even become eligible to receive additional benefits in the form of reduced participation fee, loss protection, exclusive NFT airdrops, and various other campaigns announced from time to time.

Earning and holding Polysports NFTs will open more doors for the owners. They will receive invitations to participate in special events, additional reward pay-outs and an option to use them to access upcoming play-to-earn game titles on the Polysports metaverse. The upcoming Polysports NFT Marketplace will allow NFT owners to trade or auction their digital assets.

NFT Marketplace to provide Creator’s Space and Fan Engagement Solution

The Polysports NFT Marketplace provides the community with a place where one can mint, buy, sell, and auction sports NFTs. It will play host to a wide range of digital collectibles issued by leading sports clubs, teams, brands, and event organizers as part of their fan engagement or revenue generation initiatives. Even individual creators can use the tools provided by the Polysports NFT marketplace to mint NFTs and make them available to the community. Similarly, the platform will also allow users who have received NFT rewards through participation in airdrops to trade them on this marketplace.

Coming Soon…

Polysports has lots of exciting things in store for the expectant fantasy sports and crypto communities. The much-awaited DFS Android and iOS apps that are currently in private beta will soon become available to the public. The app launch will closely follow the upcoming Polysports token IDO, and the first of many NFT airdrops.

Other features in the pipeline includes staking and farming contracts, Polysports webapp and a completely revamped ambassador program, all offering attractive rewards to the community.

About Polysports

Polysports is a Fantasy sports & NFT metaverse platform that aims to be a bridge between blockchain and billions of sports fans around the world. On Polysports, users can build their own team, compete, and trade Player stocks while connecting to their favourite sport stars in metaverse. The DeFi features on Polysports allows users to earn by participating in yield generating activities like staking tokens and NFTs, farming LP tokens and more.

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