Digital Advertising Meets the Metaverse: Partnership between Bullieverse and Admix

Digital Advertising Meets the Metaverse: Partnership between Bullieverse and Admix

While virtual reality was once thought a concept plucked right out of a science fiction story, with current tech advancements like the Metaverse, this has now become a working reality of our world. The Metaverse has become so comprehensive that brands, users, and industries are starting to crop up within this virtual reality.

Bullieverse, a play-2-earn game platform that exists within a virtual space known as Bulliever Island, has recently taken its metaverse experience to all-new levels. Currently, users within their virtual world are able to develop their very own minigames. These games can be played by users from across the world, with play-2-earn elements allowing users to make money while doing so. 

What’s more, users within Bullieverse are able to challenge their friends to any of these minigames, earning NFTs and other in-game rewards for beating them. This competitive and lucrative gaming system has launched Bullieverse onto the map, with users from around the globe flocking to play.

On the 28th of March, Bullieverse announced their new partnership with Admix, an in-game monetization company. The center of Admix’s business model is to bring digital advertising to mobile games. With the pairing of Admix and Bullieverse, users within their virtual world will be able to place non-intrusive advertisements inside the minigames that they construct

Not only does this mean that they can play games to earn money within Bullieverse, but they can also put up in-game advertisements that can give a further sense of realism to the game. Admix’s company has demonstrated that its ads have absolutely no impact on rates of player retention. While currently being used by over 300 game networks, Bullieverse is the most recent addition to their roster. 

With this partnership, Bullieverse’s users will be able to publish ads and easily integrate them into their games, helping advertisers put their products out onto the platforms. With unique measurement metrics for engagement and specific data reporting, this expansion will bring digital marketing to Bullieverse.

Bullieverse’s CEO and Co-Founder, Srini Anala, commented on their partnership with Admix, suggesting, “What I personally like about Admix is the non-intrusive nature of the ads. It only allows experiences that respect user preference.” Anala sees Admix as an opportunity for the platform: With Admix, we can build ad revenue streams for creators while preserving Web3’s ethos.”

The Web 3.0 space has seen a range of advancements of late when it comes to gaming. Recently, IgniteTournaments, a tournament platform for play-2-earn games, announced their expansion into the cryptocurrency space. With this, the intersection between blockchain and gaming becomes even more advanced, with entire gaming systems now being constructed. For the gaming industry, it seems like blockchain has become an exciting new frontier. 

The movement towards digital marketing within this Metaverse space demonstrates the extent to which these technologies have advanced. While virtual reality may once have seemed like something from science fiction, it’s now hard to overlook the very real developments that are happening every day. With a comprehensive virtual world system, play-2-earn opportunities, and now a non-intrusive advertising network, it’s no wonder that Bullieverse is seeing such popularity as of late. 

With rapid development, we expect that we’ll be seeing a lot more Metaverse advancements over the coming months.

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