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DarleyGo Concludes its IDO

DarleyGo Concludes its IDO

NFT game, DarleyGo, is excited to announce the successful conclusion of its IDO for its utility tokens $DGE. Reports state that the IDO round garnered about $1.6 million (with leftover allocations of $4,497) from various participating investors who capitalized on the opportunity to purchase the token at an affordable price.

Investors Share Their Excitement About The Project

Investors seemed pleased with the potential of the virtual horse racing metaverse game. The IDO gave them the chance to be part of the project and share in the dream of the developers. 

Now that the IDO has been crowned a success, the team is focused on achieving the next goal in their roadmap. Since DarleyGo is a dual-token game, using the tokens will lead to the growth of the platform. The tokens power the game's ecosystem, allowing players to acquire in-game items in the marketplace.  

Additionally, players can use the tokens to train the horse for racing events. DGE tokens are used for staking, voting, and rewards, and according to the developers, they will be available for trading on Raydium from March 17, 2022.

DarleyGo: A Game Combining Mystery and Adventure

DarleyGo is an NFT game leveraging the power of blockchain to give players an enthralling gameplay experience. The game is run on the Solana network to guarantee efficiency, speed, and low-cost transactions.

DarleyGo is a mythical horse racing game that integrates adventure and mystery to keep players engaged and immersed in the beautiful game universe. The whole point of playing this game is to earn DGE and GXE tokens from battling against other racers.

The game is one of the latest to emerge from the gaming industry in the last few months. The industry has been booming since 2019 due to the massive interest in NFT ownership, with revenue generation hitting unbelievable figures. 

DarleyGo mirrors the play-to-earn model to enable gamers to earn while playing. Thanks to its incentivization model, players can earn tokens by performing various activities in the game other than racing to win. In-game tokens can be turned into fiat. 

Unique Gaming Modes

As earlier stated, DarleyGo is a mythical game that centers on the famous horse story about three horse-dominated tribes – Darley, Areo, and Hayato. These tribes compete each year in a contest to win and claim glory. Each tribe has a peculiar trait that influences its performance.

The three gaming modes – Racing, Breeding and Training constitute the game mechanics. The  Racing Mode is where horses compete against each other. Players earn rewards if they ride their horses to glory. 

In theTraining section, the players train their horses with the tools provided to attain a high level of fitness. Here, players can participate in tasks to unlock unique abilities and boost the energy level of their horses. The chances of winning a race are higher if the horse is trained to the maximum.

The last mode is Breeding. Here, by breeding a baby horse,  the horse owners explore the different aspects of the horse, starting from its performance and ability to strength and weaknesses. The game's badges can help the player to understand the horse's character, pedigree, and performance better. 

The DarleyGo team is excited about its achievements so far and is looking forward to completing its objectives. This includes expanding the game and incorporating more features. 

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