“Censored” NFTs Raising Funds To Help Wikileaks Founder

“Censored” NFTs Raising Funds To Help Wikileaks Founder

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NFT creator Pak is joining forces with Wikileaks to release an NFT collection, the proceeds from which will go towards Julian Assange’s defense funds. 

Pak Collabs With Julian Assange

The auction for the upcoming ‘Censored’ NFT collection that consists of two generative interactive blockchain artworks will start from February 7, 2 PM GMT. The first part is a single edition NFT title ‘Clock,’ which counts the total number of days that Assange has been in prison. The NFT is dynamic and generative and is programmed to keep counting the days. It is designed to blink in a rhythmic heartbeat, and the bidding for the piece will start at 1 ETH on the website. 

AssangeDAO Assembles To Bid On ‘Clock’

In mid-December, the US government won its appeal against a UK court ruling that prevented Assange’s extradition. Once extradited to the US, Assange will face 175 years in prison under charges of “publishing truthful information.” 

On the same day, a group of ‘cypherpunk’ organized in a Telegram group and decided to set up the decentralized autonomous organization AssangeDAO to raise awareness and support for the liberation of Julian Assange from prison. The organization has independently raised around 12,569 ETH, i.e., approximately $38.8 million, to bid on the ‘Clock’ NFT and contribute to Julian Assange’s legal defense fund. The founder of Wikileaks is currently being held in a London prison and is fighting extradition to the U.S.

AssangeDAO members are raising ETH in return for JUSTICE governance tokens which they will use to bid on the NFT released by Pak in collab with Assange. All auction proceeds will be deposited in the Wau Holland Foundation to support Assange’s case. 

‘Censored’ NFTs To Support Freedom Of Information

The second part of the collection, ‘Censored,’ is a 48-hour open edition. This means that it will have unlimited NFTs, and anyone can participate in it over the span of 48 hours. Participants can tokenize a message that they want to broadcast to the community by minting an NFT that will display the message. This can include a word, symbol, statement, purpose, hypothesis, idea, question, vision, belief, plan, clue, thought, feeling, or scheme. The message that will be displayed as an NFT will be struck through to represent censorship.

The NFTs can be minted free of cost, but contributions of any amount are being welcomed. Pak has already minted the first NFT in the collection as a message that reads ‘Pak was here’ and contributed 100 ETH to the cause. All the proceeds from the Open Edition collection will go to organizations promoting freedom of information, education, digital privacy, health, and animal rights organizations. 

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