Renowned Photographer And Videographer Paul Nicklen Joins ‘SAVAGE’ To Highlight The Eco-Friendly Possibilities Of NFTs

Renowned Photographer And Videographer Paul Nicklen Joins ‘SAVAGE’ To Highlight The Eco-Friendly Possibilities Of NFTs

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Photography and NFT marketplace 'SAVAGE' continue to push this industry's boundaries. Expanding the team with legendary photographer and videographer Paul Nicklen brings more legitimacy and appeal to the project. Nicklen will be a contributor and advisor to the project. 


'SAVAGE' x Paul Nicklen

Fans of photography and videography will be familiar with the name Paul Nicklen. The Canadian filmmaker and marine biologist has documented the beautiful parts of our planet for over two decades. Additionally, he lives a life of art, purpose, and adventure while proudly advocating for conservation efforts to protect our home. 

Nicklen made a name for himself by becoming an assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine and Sony Artisan of Imagery. Paul built a loyal and global audience looking forward to his future creative works through his portfolio. Additionally, his expertise in the field makes him one of the world's leading polar specialists and conservationists. However, he had no real interest in the NFT space until rather recently.

Growing concerns over the negative environmental impact of non-fungible tokens have awakened something in Paul Nicklen. Research by Memo Atken indicates a single-edition NFT's carbon footprint is the same as driving a petrol car for 1,000 km. However, the benefits and solutions the 'SAVAGE' marketplace brings to the table can change even the mind of Paul Nicklen. 


Why 'SAVAGE' Is Different

Standing out among other non-fungible token marketplaces and platforms requires a unique mindset. The focus on photo and video is a worthwhile venture, but not the only reason why 'SAVAGE' attracts such attention. The platform also notes strong partnerships with Polygon Studios, the Crypto Climate Accord, and Energyweb. All parties share the same vision: reducing - or nullifying - the carbon footprint of decentralized applications in the NFT industry. 

Through Polygon's Proof-of-Stake consensus blockchain, 'SAVAGE' can benefit from a massively reduced footprint over networks like Ethereum, which rely on Proof-of-Work. Moreover, the guidance by Crypto Climate Accord and EnergyWeb facilitates any carbon offsets as they become necessary.

To date, the 'SAVAGE' team has established the world's first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for 8k video and the highest resolution photography. Paul Nicklen is known for his 8k video footage, which will find a good home on the 'SAVAGE' platform. 

Nicklen will become an advisor to 'SAVAGE' and contribute content to the platform, per the announcement on his Instagram page. Partnerships and team expansions like these are the lifeblood of bringing non-fungible tokens to the mainstream. 


To follow the development of the SAVAGE NFT marketplace you can speak with the team directly on Discord, Telegram, Instagram or Twitter

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