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Previously Unseen David Bowie Images & Audio To Be Published As Limited Edition NFT Collection On Starly

Previously Unseen David Bowie Images & Audio To Be Published As Limited Edition NFT Collection On Starly

Fans of the legendary rock star David Bowie are in for a real treat, with the late, but still highly-influential musician all set to be immortalized on the blockchain. That will happen with the launch of a limited edition David Bowie NFT collection going on sale on Starly's decentralized launchpad at the end of the month. 

The David Bowie collection is the result of a collaboration between Starly, Melos Studio, which specializes in tokenizing music, the David Bowie Estate and Denis O'Regan, the musician's personal photographer. The aim is to perpetuate Bowie's legacy with the sale of exclusive, never-before-seen images of the singer, songwriter and actor. 

Starly said the standard Bowie NFT collection will consist of 21 cards with three rarity classes - however, the launchpad will also provide customized solutions for true visionaries.

The unique collection will drop on Starly on January 27 and consist of 12,000 NFTs. Some will be more exclusive than others, with 1x120 Legendary cards available, 3x1,000 Rare cards and 4x2,220 Common cards available at the drop. 

All of the NFT's will be sealed before sale, so fans won't know for sure what they're getting. Nonetheless, they're in for a real treat, as Starly promises the NFTs will consist of previously unpublished photos of Bowie as well as numerous audio tracks featuring Bowie's monologs, friendly conversations and even just laughter during many of his rehearsals over the years. The NFTs will also include some unseen backstage videos taken during numerous productions Bowie was involved in over the years. 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens used to record ownership of digital assets on the blockchain, giving the owner exclusive rights to that content.

What's more, Starly has said it will provide "step-by-step guidance" and "full technical support" for Bowie fans who're new to the concept of NFTs, in order to make the collection accessible for all of his fans. 

Starly is an up and coming NFT marketplace that's powered by the Flow blockchain, which is known for being more adaptable and sustainable than better known blockchains such as Ethereum. 

Starly Chief Executive Ilja Terebin said the NFT sale is a "cultural action" that intends to keep alive the iconic memory of Bowie. “We are sure that our collectors are going to be thrilled about this exclusive collection, so exclusive in fact that nobody in the public has ever seen the content inside these NFTs," he promised.

Starly said the sale represents a unique use case for NFTs, giving the community a way to acquire fresh, previously unavailable content that's intended to preserve Bowie's immortal legacy. It said the offering could well set the stage for future media content sales in the NFT format. 

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