Cudos Announces Strategic Partnership With Sfera Technologies

Cudos Announces Strategic Partnership With Sfera Technologies

Cudos, an interoperable open-source network, has collaborated with Sfera Technologies to support Sfera's decentralized data infrastructure, Ephemeris. It is an L1 blockchain and L2 oracle network that enables the scaling of computing resources and high-performance computing at lower costs. 

The partnership entails that Sfera will leverage Cudos’s computing network and cloud-based infrastructure to boost its computing power in the space industry. Ephemeris optimizes satellite data delivery and enables the processing of management systems on the network. The protocol will provide oracles to Sfera technologies’ satellite station, which will be built on Ephemeris.

Ephemeris will allow the ground station to have access to its computation services. With Cudos’s partnership, Ephemeris’s computation power will be boosted, expediting satellite data delivery into the required imagery and becoming the pacesetter in the space sector.

Sfera Technologies Commends the Partnership

C.E.O. of Sfera Zdravko Dimitrov, heaped praises on the partnership, saying that integrating Cudos adds another powerful piece to Ephemeris. Dimitrov stated that Cudos’s extra computing power will speed up the collection of Earth Observation data from satellites and convert it to imagery. 

According to Dimitrov, Cudos’s collaboration will transform rigid satellite services into Web 3.0, also known as the iteration of all things, dubbed as the next phase of the internet. Dimitrov is optimistic that the partnership will revolutionize the space industry. 

Speaking of the alliance, V.P. of partnerships at Cudos, Nuno Perreira, said that the collaboration demonstrates their conviction in the future of decentralized compute and the empirical advantages it holds for sectors globally. Perreira shared his excitement with what Cudos will add to Ephemeris. 

Demand for EO Data Calls for Scalable and Capable Infrastructures

Utilizing a scalable and cloud service provider like Cudos became necessary due to the increasing number of Earth Observation satellites in orbit and data consumers across various economic sectors. Due to demand, storing, processing, and delivering data using the current infrastructure became impossible. This is because the structures aren't optimized to store this large amount of data. 

Many cloud service providers are built on a small number of nodes on centralized infrastructures, which lack the capacity to optimize data efficiently. Sfera partnered with Cudos because the latter is a scalable and decentralized storage and compute network that can deliver with low latency without compromising privacy and data. 

Cudos’s decentralized model runs on thousands of nodes, forming the bedrock of the blockchain protocol. While the network will help to enhance Sfera’s data collection, deployment, processing, and delivery,  Sfera will grow Cudo's computation and storage capacities. 

Cudos Prepares for its Mainnet Launch

Interestingly, Sfera’s announcement with Cudos coincides with the latter’s mainnet launch slated for next month. This is the first major milestone Cudos will achieve this year after a busy 2021. 

Last year, the blockchain network and oracle provider concluded its testnet, an event that attracted more than 20,000 developers. Last November, Cudos collaborated with Tingo Holdings International to curb poverty in Africa. 

The partnership was followed by another collaboration with Cornucopias, a P2E platform to build NFTs. Cudos made another alliance with UFF sports, an NFT project to onboard sports brands and athletes in the metaverse through the power of NFTs. 

About Cudos

An innovative fusion of DeFi, NFTs, and gaming is what is behind the exceptional Cudos network. The platform is bleeding edge in powering the metaverse with its decentralized fusion and integrating it to bring the vision of a decentralized Web 3.0 to the world. The platform focuses on enabling all its users to utilize the platform for their growth on decentralized forums and believes in “Win for all”.

An interoperable, open platform launchpad offering its services for the infrastructure consisting of extreme computing needs for gamified realities in Metaverse.  The network utilizes both layer one and two solutions. This ensures decentralized and permissionless access to high-performance computing without compromising on scalability. 

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