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Thetan Arena goes to number 1 in play-to-earn games on App Store

Thetan Arena goes to number 1 in play-to-earn games on App Store

As the crypto bull market prepares itself for potentially the final leg to the blow-off top, blockchain gaming is jockeying for position to become the absolute tip of the spear in the bull run, and Thetan Arena is setting this trend by becoming the top play-to-earn app on the Apple App Store.

Play-to-earn gaming has absolutely mind-blowing potential for the future of gaming in general. Everybody likes to play games, and the gaming sector has grown massively over the last decade. However, you factor in earning potential into your game and you are looking at spectacular adoption, as players start making gaming their primary source of income.

You only have to look at Axie Infinity, a fairly simple game when you boil it down, but first mover advantage has enabled this game to grow into a $9.2 billion market cap ecosystem that draws in 121 thousand daily users that transact a daily volume of $51.5 million, according to Dapp Radar.

Some say that Thetan Arena can grow to match Axie Infinity. It currently has a self reported market cap of just under $400 million, and a max supply of 420 million THG, the native governance token of the ecosystem. According to Coinmarketcap, the entire supply is already circulating.

With a daily trading volume currently recording a value of $36 million, Thetan Arena is already more than half way towards Axie’s daily trading volume. You compare the two market caps and their respective trading volumes and even if maths isn’t your long suite, you can see that Thetan Arena has a whole lot more potential to grow.

So what about the earning potential for the game?

Rewards and earnings are paid out in Thetan Coin (THC), which is the other token in the Thetan Arena ecosystem - much like the Smooth Love Potion token (SLP) in Axie Infinity.

According to a recent article on, a basic player can earn around $20 per day playing the game, with fairly minimal effort:

“At the current price of $0.05903 per SLP, a basic player can earn around $20 per day with minimal (but diligent) effort.’

In order to have an idea of the earning potential of Thetan Arena, it would be good to see yesterday’s Hustlepedia YouTube video. This gaming expert is recording the income that he makes every day from playing the game. After the first two days he records a value of 290 THC, which equates to $183 at today’s THC price of $0.65. 

He does say though that he did not use up his full quota of games on either day, but that to start with it is easier to earn the tokens. He says that as you level up and get better, you are playing better players and so therefore it becomes more difficult to achieve the wins.

He says that his original outlay before starting the game, was for three characters. These cost him a little over $1000. So if he continues at his current earn rate, it will take him possibly 10 days to win back his initial outlay.

The Hustlepedia gaming expert shares his strategy on the potential of the Thetan Arena game:

“I will personally be looking to accumulate more heroes after this trial run, and during this trial run, to stack up heroes in preparation to scale up in a scholarship program, where my assets are being utilised by players who are actually earning in the economy, and using the game to play to earn.”

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