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The NFT Platform Connecting Blockchain to Hollywood

The NFT Platform Connecting Blockchain to Hollywood

There is a lot of noise in the NFT space, however not all of it is worth listening to. Even business and NFT mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, despite being an advocate of this new technology, has been extremely vocal about the potential risks of investment opportunities surrounding NFTs. Newcomers to the space are largely ambivalent as to which NFT projects are worth buying and which ones may crumble in a bear market, go to zero after a crash, or lose masses of value once the hype surrounding them dies down. Realistically, ten years from now, we don’t know which NFT projects are still going to be around. Uncertainty only increases as new NFTs are minted, alongside the growing number of NFT platforms with differing features. Even NFT creators themselves struggle to choose a marketplace on which to sell their NFTs. 

One platform offering a solution to these issues is Spores Network.

Spores Network, the leading Asia-influenced NFT marketplace with global reach, has updated their platform to reflect an entirely new NFT Ecosystem that is powered through a curated marketplace - art, gaming, and entertainment - is combined with a GameFi launchpad and enhanced through a proprietary games publishing platform activating IDO, IGO, and INO opportunities. Spores enables artists, content creators, and brands to activate the Metaverse (Web3) by bridging digital and physical experiences. 

A deeper look at Spores Marketplace: 

  • With a Q1 2022 goal of having 10k artists onboarded, Art is a robust pillar featuring three market levels: 
    • Silver, the entry point for artists who are vetted by Spores for quality and compatibility to our ethos. 
    • Gold, the top 1% of our Silver artists (1k) who are prominently featured. 
    • Platinum, for well-known / celebrity artists who drop at their discretion. 
  • Spores also offers a curated secondary market that highlights a collection of the top 25-50 NFTs by category that have been hand-selected by their curation team. 
  • The GameFi store is being seeded with 10 games in early Q1 2022 and has a schedule of 2 new games per month ongoing. 
  • The Entertainment vertical contains two components:
    • Entertainment assets, including celebrities and original content from film, TV, music, animation / anime and influencers. 
    • Corporate Brand, including partnerships to create original marketing and merchandising campaigns which can include rewarding customers and driving sticky brand loyalty. 

One of the most unique aspects of the Spores Marketplace is that they encourage cross pollination across verticals. For example, if you are an artist who wants to get into games - Spores can help provide the connective tissue. Or, if you are a celebrity who wants to collaborate with an artist and create a unique gallery experience - they can help with that too. You can see the myriad of exciting opportunities this can create! 

Spores Game Publishing Platform is also a game changer (pun intended!). Their GameFi Launchpad is dedicated to launching high quality P2E games through INOs and their in-game assets including land transport, weapons, skills, character sales, and more. Additionally, Spores has created a GameFi incubator that invests in GameFi IDOs and operates blockchain game studios with venture capital style support across marketing, operations, and tech advisory functional areas of expertise. 

The anchor to this marketplace is Spores (SPO) Token. Spores Tokenomics powers the engine for their ecosystem. The token includes loyalty programs, staking access and rewards, and buybacks to ensure deflationary pressure on the token driving real world value and utility. 

In mid-December, Spores will launch Republique - a Museum, Retail Space, Sculpture Parque - offering meta experiences for artists, collectors, and brands. This will be a unique space for personal expression,  in which partners can immerse in temporary and permanent world-famous digital art where everyday people can house their own gallery in a private room. There are three amazing artists that will be part of the Republique kick-off and additional news will be coming soon. 

In the NFT industry, frequent innovations potentially offer massive opportunities to creators, developers, gamers, and investors alike. However, there is reason to exercise caution in this “gold rush” moment of the Web3 era. While it’s a tricky new technological terrain for some, the long-term prospects provided by the Spores Network Ecosystem are strong and offer a unique competitive advantage you can believe in. 

Visit Spores Network and explore the SPO token as an amazing investment opportunity.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice