Popular DeFi Wallet Ambire Raises $2.5 Million in Financing

Popular DeFi Wallet Ambire Raises $2.5 Million in Financing

DeFi-centric wallet, Ambire recently announced that it got $2.5 Million in funding from investors. The announcement came after a successful funding round piloted by notable investors, including LAUNCHHub Ventures, Ascentive Assets, Zee Prime, Metacartel Ventures, and other institutions. 

Ambire has attracted attention from members of the DeFi space because of its all-in-one ecosystem. Its easy-to-use interface, coupled with having everything in one place, has made it become a DeFi darling. 


New DeFi Wallets are Taking Over 

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is currently receiving attention from mainstream institutional investments. These corporate interests have dictated the evolution of the DeFi end-user experience. 

A result of this trend is the new DeFi wallets that offer everything users want. And then some. Ambire has been able to bring to end-users a one-click solution without compromising safety and security. 

Working off the Polygon Ethereum layer, Ambire has created a niche that makes DeFi fun for its users. It is a recent shift that shows how web3 developers are taking end-user experience into account. That is, besides all the stuff going under the hood. 

It has also created a new paradigm. The average Joe and Jane can get on with wallets like Ambire. A simple sign-in process allows for a minimalist Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. 

Ambire has its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) too. Users get carried along in the governance process by voting using the $WALLET token and earn from staking its ADX Token. $WALLET token holders also earn from transaction fees generated from users. There is something for everyone as far as the Ambire ecosystem is concerned. 


The DeFi Industry is Growing 

The DeFi industry has had its ups and downs. We have seen incidents that have made many doubt the efficacy of DeFi to take its place. That said, it means that the DeFi space shall overcome these obstacles. 

Ambire (formerly known as Adex) has had to overcome its internal obstacles to create a system that works. Its features allow for easy access to the ERC-20 ecosystem.

All growing companies go through challenges. 

Its gas-fee enhancement features allow users to pay minimally and experience efficient transactions. DeFi is moving toward the mainstream. And this journey requires understanding user needs. When companies meet these needs, adoption occurs. It is that simple. 

With a focus on privacy for its ad network and on-ramp fiat access, the Ambire wallet is a product that will hold its own in the marketplace. 

 “This endorsement of Ambire Wallet is incredibly gratifying for our talented development team, who have worked tirelessly on a wallet that brings defi exposure to the masses,” said Ivo Georgiev, CEO of Ambire (formerly AdEx Network). “The funding will help us refine and market our feature-rich wallet, which we firmly believe the crypto market has been crying out for. The capital will also be used to expand the team, incentivize integrations and provide liquidity for our native token on decentralized exchanges.”

With seamless end-to-end processes throughout the user onboarding, what more could anyone ask for? Except for more ERC-20 tokens, of course!

The investment options available inside the wallet also allow users to grow their capital without exiting the ecosystem. 

Todor Breshkov, the founding partner of LAUNCHHub Ventures, said concerning Ambire.

 “While there are a great many cryptocurrency wallets in the defi landscape, Ambire’s latest product has huge promise, appealing to both newcomers and DeFi veterans,” 

He continued.

“Having already brought several impactful products to market, the Ambire team has our full faith and confidence.”

As the world continues to look toward DeFi, we are already seeing real use-case scenarios that show that DeFi is not a fad. 


DeFi is Going Mainstream 

The DeFi space is becoming a part of popular culture. We see DeFi terminology and definitions become part of everyday language. It shows that the world accepts DeFi for what it is and not what they want it to be. With products like Ambire, this acceptance will increase and will grow exponentially. 

Ambire also offers users a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). Even if something happens to user funds, there is backup available. The backup gets deployed to user wallets, and life goes on.

DeFi is coming soon to a wallet near you, and Ambire will always be there to help you access your DeFi tokens. Safely, simply and securely.

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