A female led community in Crypto: SURGE is securing women’s place in Web3

A female led community in Crypto: SURGE is securing women’s place in Web3

Denise Schafer and Juliette Chevalier are behind the recently launched SURGE, A Female Led Community that aims to bridge the gender gap in crypto. SURGE was created to combat the ‘crypto bro’ culture which can exclude women from participating as investors and as contributors to the growing crypto industry. 

The main focus of SURGE is to provide an educational resource that is accessible to all. A key part of SURGE’s focus is to dismantle the current profile of people who work in the tech industry, which is largely male, and seeks to encourage women to participate in the nascent industry.

“SURGE has a cross-functional team of talented engineers, marketers, writers, artists, and designers sharing how they are learning Web3’s complicated concepts. Through gamified education, peer-to-peer learning, and a well-thought-out user experience, SURGE aims to provide easily digestible information to our members.” Schafer and Chevalier note. 

With estimates placing investment by men as double that of female investments, many are recognising and tackling the massive gender imbalance in crypto. Wirex’s power list for women in crypto is a campaign that is designed to celebrate the achievements of women in the crypto industry, and dismantle the male-dominated stereotype associated with the industry. The Power List  includes founders of crypto companies, crypto news editors, and content creators who are recognised for their achievements within the industry.

Cryptocurrency was created to be disruptive, and while finance and tech has traditionally been dominated by men, women should be able to add their voices to this disruptive scene. Female engineers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs are required in order for the decentralized economy to truly flourish.

In a sector that thrives on fresh thinking and bridging the gap between worlds, the more diverse and inclusive the industry, the greater the gains that stand to be made for all.

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