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All You Need Is NFT: The Beatles Get The NFT Treatment

All You Need Is NFT: The Beatles Get The NFT Treatment

Audio interviews of the iconic foursome from The Beatles will be launched as NFTs and auctioned off this week. 

Beatles NFTs Dropping On Ethereum

The NFT drop is coming from the Voices of Classic Rock (VOCR) archive and will be minted on Ethereum, with bids starting at 1.25 ETH (around $4000). However, the extremely rare nature of the NFTs and the high-status value of The Beatles will probably result in a full-blown bidding war that will shoot up their value.  The entire collection will consist of four NFTs, each dedicated to a specific Beatle - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

Each NFT will feature the audio clip of a rare interview of each member, along with his exclusive portrait. For example, the John Lennon NFT features his interview regarding the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band track “A Day in the Life.” On the other hand, the Paul McCartney NFT features a conversation about how the music industry informs his creativity and his solo album, “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.” George Harrison’s interview is on “Abbey Road,” while Ringo Starr’s interview is on “His Lost Medallion.” 

Rare Audio Archive Acquired

According to the team at VOCR, they acquired the audio files from the programming archive of late radio legend Kathleen Wittbold. She had been an ardent creator and collector of such rare pieces of audio for over three decades of her career as an interviewer and producer at MTV. 

VOCR MD Jonathan Firstenberg spoke on the audio acquisition, 

“The owners of VOCR acquired this remarkable archive from its creator, Kathleen Wittbold because they understood that there would always be future growth in the value of audio content for all things related to classic rock music.” 

VOCR MD Shows NFT Support

Firstenberg also elaborated on the decision to launch the archive files as NFTs, saying that the current market demand for unique NFTs featuring rare and original content is rapidly increasing. He confirmed that the company believes that the NFT is a new media and an innovative platform to market audio interviews.   

“We are confident that NFTs as a new medium are here to stay, and we are very interested to see how this new medium will evolve. In particular, we are going to be studying how the market determines what rights to a property need to be embedded within an NFT itself for it to have real intrinsic value.”

Firstenberg also extended his gratitude to OnChain Music founder Ben Kopec for his company’s role in integrating the technology that has brought the NFT auction to the general public.

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