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UniX Gaming Fundraise Has Officially Reached $30 Million

UniX Gaming Fundraise Has Officially Reached $30 Million

UniX Gaming want to thank all their early supporters and investors for the amazing achievements they have made so far. They have extremely well-chosen partners on board who can create a more accessible space and share a long-term vision to conquer the Metaverse industry together as a strong alliance. UniX has had amazing success so far and have already completed their $10 million target raise — $8 million from their private sale and over $22 million on Copper Launch.

UniX Gaming has a number of strong backers such as LD Capital and AU21 to name a few, these are two of the largest investors in the Metaverse space. LD was an early investor in Big Time, Star Atlas, and ImmutableX, and AU21 was an early investor in Axie Infinity, Chainguardians, Splinterlands and ThetanArena.

In addition to these, they also have investment from Akash Network, Pluto Digital, Master Ventures, Synergia Capital, Akatsuki Inc, Paid Network, Scrypt, Banter Capital, Argo Blockchain, Base Two, Unvest, The Club, Guide Education, and Tuition Kit — more details on these are below.

This strong advisory team have supported them all the way through to their present stage and will continue to help them grow further. UniX are extremely proud to have the likes of Kyle Chase, Eka Darville, Norman Wooding, Sylvan Martin, Tobias Sperrin, the Professor and Maziar Sadri, alongside their friends, Crypto Banter, and supporters of their project Alex Becker, and Cameron Fous.

Fair Launch

UniX Gaming finished their launch on the Copperlaunch Auction “BLPB  on the 26th November and now $UNIX will be listed on Uniswap where the $UNIX journey continues and is live to the public.


UniX Token holders will be able to take advantage of their Staking & Farming rewards which will be enabled shortly after the launch. More information will follow, so please follow their UniX Token telegram community for exclusive news and updates about the UniX play-to-earn revolution.

It is Time to Build

UniX Gaming will now focus on building their Roadmap and expanding their core business — “The Community.” With the anticipated results of their current fair launch, UniX Gaming is aiming to reach 10K Scholars by Q1 22, which would earn them a minimum estimated gross SLP Return of $1.2M monthly. UniX will also be investing into a large quantity of in-game NFT’s for Yield Generation and scholar use an example being their partnership with Big Time Studio. 

UniX Gaming are also excited to start working on their YouTube presence where the game streaming range currently has 400k followers across all UniX’s Streamers. Their target is to increase this to 2M followers by the end of Q1 22.

One of their main focuses will be on partnerships within the gaming space that can offer UniX Community additional services and support new projects that have strong infrastructure and visibility. Their skilled and experienced research & development team will be analysing and giving insightful knowledge on the latest trending play-to-earn games. They will educate the community by providing them the best strategy to maximise their potential for all new games. There will also be a learn-to-earn education channel called “UniXVersity” this is a free education offering for people in developing countries who do not have access to this type of resource, and this certainly will be the first of its kind!

Their IGO Launchpad will onboard new gaming companies, where UniX Gaming will endeavour to use their knowledge, expertise, and community to help them grow rapidly and successfully with all fundamental elements in mind: “Players, Streaming, Marketing and Community Building.” UniX Gaming believes in creating lifelong successful partnerships for the Metaverse future.

UniX Gaming is looking to add increased utilities for the DAO and Community, whilst continuously trying to build on expanding in the Metaverse and hitting their milestones on the roadmap.

Who are their partners:

  • LD CapitalLD Capital is a leading investment firm based in China that is focused on blockchain investment, securities, equity investment, and trading. LD Capital has invested in more than two hundred companies, multiplying its returns 100-fold. It invests in over $100 billion of assets and has self-owned assets of $1 billion.
  • Banter CapitalBanter Capital identifies and supports new crypto projects that have potential to succeed and serves as the venture capital arm associated with the Crypto Banter social news platform (480,000+ YouTube subscribers), led by Ran Neuner.
  • AkatsukiAkatsuki, which, was established in 2010, has developed dozens of games and is a co-developer of the popular game “Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle”, which has been downloaded more than three hundred million times globally. Akatsuki will be critical to helping UniX Gaming launch its own game, “Unity,” which is currently in its preliminary stages of development. Akatsuki is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has more than 1,000 employees globally. The company’s revenue surpassed $3 billion this year. Akatsuki in 2017 launched “Akatsuki Entertainment Technology” to support entrepreneurs that combine entertainment and technology.
  • AU21AU21 Capital was founded by Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang in 2017 with the mission of backing the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs and providing founders with resources and connections to succeed.
  • Argo Blockchainthe Nasdaq & LSE listed company are committed to powering the blockchain technology as it continues to grow and influence our global economy.
  • SynergiaSynergia Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm that applies quantitative asset management to digital assets. They take a risk-based approach to decentralized finance (DeFi) asset management, aiming to generate stable and substantial returns while preserving capital. They manage several quantitative strategies in public crypto markets. They have also launched a venture strategy with the mission of seeding and enabling the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs. They seek to back exceptional founders, leveraging our market expertise, network, and resources to optimize for their success. Their team combines deep digital assets expertise spanning DeFi asset management, venture capital, prime brokerage, and smart contract security.
  • Pluto DigitalPluto Digital PLC is a crypto technology and operations company that makes Web 3.0 Decentralised Finance (DeFi) more accessible to all. Pluto’s mission is to make DeFi more accessible to everyone.
  • SL2 CapitalSL2 invests across all stages and sectors, with a focus on Web 3.0 and distributed ledger technology.
  • Master VenturesMaster Ventures is a blockchain-focused Venture Studio building the next generation of infrastructure companies to drive blockchain adoption. Notable investments include Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Ripple amongst many others.
  • Tuition KitTuition Kit creates a range of learning, development, and guide-powered products that are used nationally and internationally by hundreds of institutions including Loughborough College and Royal Free Hospital Children’s School.
  • Guide EducationGuide Education creates products that support lifelong learning in any industry and at any age. They will be collaborating with us at UniX to help create our revolutionary education platform.
  • PAIDPAID Network is an ecosystem DAPP that leverages blockchain technology to deliver DeFi powered SMART Agreements to make business exponentially more efficient. It is also a launchpad and has released a variety of ground-breaking projects including Aioz, Splyt, and Shadows.
  • UnvestUnvest is the open multi-chain DeFi protocol for trading locked tokens. Free, fully customizable Vesting and Distribution for project owners.
  • AkashAkash Network is the world’s first open-source cloud. They have created a system that is censorship-resistant, permissionless, and self-sovereign, and set to change how the world stores its data.
  • Alex BeckerAlex Becker is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker, who is well-known and a powerful entrepreneur behind successful brands like Source Wave and Market Hero. He is also known for his YouTube videos and Shopify training programs, where he teaches about entrepreneurship and marketing, and he has a significant following in the crypto space.
  • Eka DarvilleAfter 14+ years working at the highest levels in Hollywood, Eka’s unique skill set sits at the intersection of business and creativity. The rise of NFT’s saw these two worlds come together in spectacular fashion. As a long time, Bitcoin advocate and self-described freedom maximalist, Eka was primed to be an early mover in the space. Eka’s core passion is leveraging NFT’s and blockchain technology to empower artists, creators and the financially excluded. (Netflix. Marvel. Disney.)
  • Carl The MoonCarl Eric Martin, who is better known as The Moon Carl, was only 24 years old when he started posting daily Bitcoin videos. Now with over half a million subscribers on YouTube, he is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced influencers in the cryptocurrency space.
  • 6K StarterProfessional angel investor group and community builders in the Cryptoverse. They are enthusiastic about investing in companies and projects that are contributing to the adoption of cryptocurrency.
  • The ClubThe Club Guild is also a Play to Earn guild that is aiming for the stars and its members are pioneers of the Star Atlas Metaverse and Play-To-Earn gaming space.
  • BaseTwoBaseTwo Capital is a Cayman Islands based fund focused on providing an institutional grade investment vehicle for digital assets.
  • ScryptScrypt is a crypto asset management firm and a pioneer in the institutional adoption of digital assets. Scrypt also builds innovative investment products, from systematic arbitrage, alternative income, and high growth strategies with correlation to other asset classes.
  • YogilabYogilab combines the worlds of business and spirituality in one place to encourage positive change both individually and within society at large.

There other supporters are:

UniX has a seriously ambitious mission, but by looking at the above there is no doubt it has the advisers and partners to get it there!

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