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The Big Reset author warns take cash out of the banks – Bitcoin is a safe place

The Big Reset author warns take cash out of the banks – Bitcoin is a safe place

The Big Reset Author warned yesterday in an interview on Stansberry Research, that “money is dying”. He says that central banks can do nothing to stop this, and that people should get their money out of the banks and into gold, bitcoin and real estate – assets that are outside of the monetary system. 

Willem MiddelKoop, author of The Big Reset, and Founder and CIO of the Commodity Discovery Fund, predicted back in 2010 that many crises would emerge over the next few years - those he thought would unfold were energy, climate, Covid, refugee, monetary, China, bonds, labour, transport and supply chain crises. 

However, the real “800-pound gorilla in the room” is what he terms the “super inflation crisis”, which he believes impacts on to a food crisis. He cites the example of a Norwegian fertiliser producer who recently said that the price of making the fertiliser that grows our food, had risen tenfold. 

Middelkoop also tells of a Dutch central banker who has been in central banking circles for decades. The banker tells him that the European Central Bank (ECB) is “trapped”, whereby it cannot raise rates to combat inflation because of the sheer amount of debt out there. He says that the same goes for the rest of the central banks, including the Federal Reserve. 

“When stocks keep rising, the smart people understand the value of money is declining. But the masses still don’t get it.” 

Middelkoop says that when stocks, bitcoin and real estate are hitting new highs, then it is a sign that we are not getting richer, but that we are experiencing a decrease in our purchasing power as currency debases. 

“It is a huge warning sign that money is dying.” 

The author explains how he interprets the term “super inflation” by saying that it is inflation that runs at over 10% a year. He highlights how in his view; we are already at this figure. He points to the alternative inflation charts at, where inflation is tracked using the original government methodologies of the 1980s, and the 1990s. They show inflation of 15% and 10% respectively. 

MiddelKoop says that gold is a good hedge against inflation, stating that it has never failed to keep its purchasing power in the last 3,000 years. He also believes that central banks could decide to “revalue” gold higher, just as they have done in history. 

However, he says that Bitcoin is the new digital gold and that it is the new, and fastest horse in the race. He doesn’t think that there is a fight between gold and bitcoin, but that there should be a fight between bitcoin and fiat currency. 

“Gold is like an insurance for your net worth, but with Bitcoin you can become rich.”

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