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Blockpass Enhances Cross-Chain KYC With Successful Polygon Integration

Blockpass Enhances Cross-Chain KYC With Successful Polygon Integration

Blockpass has just announced that it has successfully completed its integration with Polygon, the scalability, and interoperability solution. As part of the integration, Blockpass has also updated its mobile application to support Polygon crypto addresses. 

The partnership will enable Blockpass to provide essential KYC services for the Polygon protocol and its framework, which is used to build and connect Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. 

Focusing On Critical Blockchain Issues 

Polygon has made significant progress in its goal of solving significant problems that plague the blockchain space. Polygon solves critical issues such as slow speeds and high gas fees without compromising on factors such as security. Polygon is able to combine Ethereum and other independent blockchains into a full-fledged, multi-chain ecosystem. 

Thanks to Polygon’s multi-chain ecosystem, developers are able to scale their decentralized applications rapidly. The protocol has already benefited over 3000 decentralized applications, thanks to Polygon’s security, openness, and power. It is also fully compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. 

Benefits Of Blockpass 

Blockpass provides a one-click compliance gateway to regulated industries, financial institutions, and services as a digital identity verification provider. Blockpass allows users to create, store and manage a secure digital identity, which can then be utilized for an entire ecosystem of associated services, purchasing tokens, and gaining access to regulated industries. 

A comprehensive KYC and AML SaaS, Blockchain does not require any setup costs or integration. Users can set up services in minutes, test them with absolutely no cost involved, and then verify and onboard users. 

A Growing User Base

Blockpass currently has over 160,000 verified user identity profiles, facilitating instant onboarding, with over 5000 services having already taken advantage of the service and gain access to users and reusable digital identity profiles. 

Commenting on the integration, Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri stated, 

“We’re excited to see how Polygon has developed into something so amazing, particularly over the past year. Removing the pain points in blockchain technology is essential for its continued growth, and working with the great team at Polygon to do it in a secure and compliant manner - without putting any undue burden on users and developers - is an honor.”

Continuous Improvement 

Since its inception, Blockpass has seen significant growth in use. The number of users on the protocol and the number of organizations it has partnered with, significantly increasing its scope of work. Blockpass’s digital identity protocol is constantly being updated with several new additions that would improve user experience. 

The need for compliance in DeFi projects has driven interest in Blockpass’s on-chain KYC solution, which can potentially change how blockchains enable compliance. Blockpass has also collaborated with Animoca Brands, developing the ability to provide KYC where the delivery of verification results is sent without sharing any of the underlying data. This is a significant step towards Blockpass’ vision of achieving identity verification without revealing any personal information. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.