ALFAcoins Brings Crypto Payments To Merchants With Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, And More

ALFAcoins Brings Crypto Payments To Merchants With Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, And More

Cryptoprocessing service ALFAcoins enables crypto payments for merchants using top cryptocurrencies. The service allows for integration with merchants’ websites for instant crypto payments for their goods and services. ALFAcoins wants to help accelerate the adoption of crypto payments both within and outside of the crypto space by providing a safe and convenient payment service for users.

The payment processor was launched in 2013 to serve as a bitcoin payments processing service. But as time has gone on and more cryptocurrencies have gained popularity, ALFAcoins has added a number of altcoins to its service. This gives merchants and customers more ways to pay with a service that works with all legal entities worldwide.

It provides competitive rates for crypto conversions and fees much lower than existing, conventional methods of payments like debit and credit cards. ALFAcoins provides safe, fast and borderless crypto transactions. Enabling users to pay for goods and services they would otherwise be unable to access due to banking laws in their respective countries.

Accept Payments For A Low Fee

The ALFAcoins fee structure was made with the needs of merchants and their customers in mind. It provides a standard transaction fee for all transactions, meaning there are no hidden charges. For a low fee of 0.99% on every transaction, merchants can begin to use ALFAcoins cryptoprocessing service.

ALFAcoins also allows the merchants to pick what end the transaction fees are deducted from. This way, the merchants can choose to include the fee on their end and pay the 0.99%. Or merchants can choose to have the fee paid by the customers at the point of purchase. This provides transparency on the transactions being carried out on both merchant and customer end.

Compared to current fee rates from traditional payments services, ALFAcoins offers a much lower fee. And refunds can be processed for no fee at all.

Using ALFAcoins Wallets

Alongside its crypto payments services, ALFAcoins also offers wallet services for its users. This way, users can save and manage their crypto holdings on the platform. While also using it as a way to pay. The crypto wallet allows users to store multiple cryptocurrencies by enabling the creation of up to five safe (vault) accounts where they can store their cryptocurrencies.

Users can also choose to hold personal wallets and can store and manage their crypto investments on ALFAcoins. Using the wallet, users can exchange their cryptocurrencies for others at very competitive rates. The wallets carry no subscription fees. And ALFAcoins wallet holders can send and receive cryptocurrencies from other ALFAcoins users at no charge.

Furthermore, users can accept crypto donations by adding a special link provided by ALFAcoins to their websites or streaming channels. Donations through ALFAcoins only attract a 0.5% fee, while charities and non-profits do not have to pay fees on donations they receive.

Cryptocurrencies are securely protected in offline storage wallets (cold storage), and users are required to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) with one-time passwords to keep their wallets safe. Lastly, users can select IP addresses from which access to their wallets will be possible. Thereby disabling logins from IP addresses not recognized by the network.

Start Accepting Crypto With No Stress

Integrating ALFAcoins for crypto payments is a seamless process. The company provides multiple ways for merchants to integrate ALFAcoins onto their platforms and merchants can pick which method they prefer.

The ALFAcoins service can be integrated through APIs & IPNs which the company offers. Another way is to add a simple ALFAcoins payment button to a website to begin receiving crypto payments. And ALFAcoins provides astep by step guide on how payment buttons can be added. In addition to these two, ALFAcoins also allows merchants to integrate its service using Wordpress Shopping Cart Plugins, which users can access right from the ALFAcoins website.

To get started with crypto payments using ALFAcoins, head over to their website at

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