Mastercard Launches Its first ever NFT In collaboration With Mourinho

Mastercard Launches Its first ever NFT In collaboration With Mourinho

Mastercard has launched its first ever NFT which was created in collaboration with footballer Mourinho who is their current Mastercard global ambassador. One UK winner will receive the NFT which includes a digital signature from the famous football legend.

The first NFT by Mastercard will be awarded via a sweepstake to one UK Mastercard holder. Individuals who fit the prerequisites can apply to the sweepstake which will close on September 30th.

A Youtube clip of the Mastercard NFT is simply titled: This is the first-ever minted NFT from Mastercard featuring José Mourinho.

That the payments giant is using the growing NFT industry as a way to market their global network comes as no surprise. Recently Visa purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for $150,000 jumping headfirst into the booming crypto economy. 

As mainstream companies begin to buy into the crypto economy, the growing industry of NFTs has been selected by media and retail industries as a way to market their products. Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Nike, and Microsoft are among some of the major corporations that have seen the value in NFTs.

Forbes recently shared an Adweek/Harris Poll survey in which they analysed the impact of NFTs on the economy. The results of the study revealed the following:

“40% of respondents said they’re “familiar” with NFTs, and 81% said they’re “aware” of them. Millennials are most likely to invest in NFTs, as well as “collectors” who earn more than $100,000. Of the consumers who said they would be interested in buying an NFT, the highest percentage of respondents (36%) said they’d want a song. The next highest, at 35%, said they’d be interested in digital artwork, and 33% said they were interested in videos”

In 2020 the total market of volume generated by the NFTs was $95 million. By the end of Q2 2021 the figure had reached $2.5 billion. Many brands are recognising the importance of using NFTs as a way to demonstrate their brand identity, and as a way to to connect with new audiences.

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