GoMeat - The revolutionary platform that will change the meat industry

GoMeat - The revolutionary platform that will change the meat industry

The blockchain has not yet been fully developed in the food industry. Few businesses currently use it to monitor the supply chain and track contamination issues back to their source. 

Blockchain technology serves as a decentralized ledger that records, stores, and monitors data, improving all aspects of the food industry and beyond. 

Its introduction into this field would eliminate significant concerns in the sector, such as E.coli, salmonella, and unintentional horse meat. But while it hasn’t reached mainstream adoption just yet, some platforms are already piloting it. 

The GoMeat platform, for example, has already implemented blockchain technology, offering services for red meat, poultry, and fish, and having specialized Halal and Kosher meat, which measure that everyone has access to the most outstanding products available worldwide.

The need for a GoMeat app 

The food industry has seen an increase in demand for Halal and Kosher specialized meats around the globe, particularly in the Western part, including North America, Europe, and Australia. In fact, the industry generated $1.7 trillion in 2020 aloneThe products are known more by the predominantly Muslim and Jewish population, but these are not only the consumers.GoMeat 3 years in business have shown that over 50% of their customers are non-Muslim/Jew.

The current situation has presented significant changes to the food industry as well, as the meat one has been under intense scrutiny regarding its practices. Meat recalls due to suspected contamination are a significant issue plaguing the industry as it leads to wastage of product and delivers a devastating blow to the organization’s finance.

Currently, the system for analyzing the specialty meat supply chain ecosystem and its traceability is insufficient to keep everything together, which the platform aims to fix.

Specialty consumers go out of their way to avoid non-specialty meat and are willing to pay a premium price for it. As a result, has also been an increase in Halal and Kosher scams, and GoMeat intends to meet that need while also earning the consumers' trust. Demand has recently increased, and there is a market void for the specialty food delivery services that GoMeat aspires to provide.

What is the GoMeat platform?

The platform functions as a blockchain-based marketplace that links specialized retail meat and customers with same-day delivery services enabled by the GoMeat Technology platform. 

Their main goal is to digitalize the specialty food sector by transparent premium meat supply chain and certification. The platform operates on the most basic level in the tech industry, providing continuous and constant income streams with no cash collection concerns and strong cash flows. 

The platform offers a technology marketplace for buying and selling, as well as in-app specialist certifications. The platform also provides services that everyone requires, but they are not meat sellers. They have been in business since 2019, and they currently have over 300 stores, 35+ drivers, and over 6k orders placed so far. 

The GoMeat platform has grown not just from the paid advertising that has been made. They have received many orders from individuals. The high-quality products and services they have provided received good feedback and offline marketing from their customers to the unique practice of word of mouth.


One of the key reasons GoMeat is unique is the products and services they provide through their token. 

They have a total cap of 5 million GOMT. Individuals who utilize their products benefit from free delivery and savings, 1% cashback on all orders, placing meat grocery food orders with GOMT, and earning GOMT through their referral program. 

Their token has a burn mechanism that works for unsold tokens; 3% of GoMeat revenue will be burned in the quarter following the ICO's completion.

Quarterly, 4% of revenue in 2022 and 5% of revenue in 2023 will also be getting into the process of burning. After reaching $3 million in annualized gross volume, an extra 3% will get into the process quarterly, and an additional 3% will be burned for each order placed using cryptocurrency. 

The GoMeat Drivers and Stores will be awarded bonuses based on their predefined weekly goals, and staff bonuses will be paid using GOMT. 

To maintain accountability, tokens are also included in this process in case of a breach of contract. A predetermined number of tokens will have to be staked for a specialized certificate to be approved. 

The company met its soft-cap target of $250k early on in its pre-ICO. Within 48 hours of pre-launch, over 50% of the 750k tokens had already been sold. Now with less than 10 days remaining to the end of tier 1, there are barely 160k GOMT left.


The GoMeat platform aims to digitalize the specialized food business by increasing specialty meat supply chain and certification transparency. 

Customers will be able to acquire the best meat on the market and get the best services. In terms of small businesses, they will get the chance to have their store digitalize in case that they do not have funding for it.

The platform provides the business owners with all of the essential tools ensuring the sale and promotion of items directly to consumers. 

They also feature a collection of tools for direct customer feedback, sales analysis, advertising, and marketing, all wrapped in a user-friendly interface.

Their platform's tracking technology gives information about the animals' breeding patterns and living conditions. A fee is charged to both retailers and customers; retailers are taxed 15%, while customers are charged 7%. 

The site also offers 12/7 support, and any customer-related difficulties can be remedied through the GoMeat program. Payments will be processed in fiat currency and any other wallets that offer direct deposit and account services. 

GoMeat is here to give consumers services they have never had before and ensure that they receive top-quality specialty meat.

They are prepared to make adjustments in the crypto market and beyond. They have already planned to onboard  600 stores by the end of the year and to launch themselves on many exchanges using their revolutionary platform. 

Buy GoMeat now and get an exclusive 15% bonus and more if you use a referral link! Get ready for a transparent food industry so consumers can make informed choices about what they are eating.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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