BabyLONDON, The First Ethereum Reward Token, is pioneering change in the BSC Network with Transparency, Integrity, and Trust,”

BabyLONDON, The First Ethereum Reward Token, is pioneering change in the BSC Network with Transparency, Integrity, and Trust,”

babyLONDON, a pioneering Ethereum Reward Token with a view to secure the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, is on its mission to provide the best investor satisfaction and the safest trading environment and utility platform.

With the introduction of fully doxxed developers and exclusive live support 24 hours a day, babyLONDON has set a trend and sent shock waves throughout the BSC. With a huge community of moderators and investors on hand to provide consistent guidance, babyLONDON pride themselves on bringing a new standard of transparency, trust and investor relations.

The project which gives a nod of appreciation to the recent Ethereum London Hard Fork upgrade was launched around the same time and offers a revolutionary new form of passive income. It rewards investors with a variable 10% auto claim Ethereum reflection that will be significantly supported by their new crypto utility platform currently in development.

babyLONDON development team is led by Hussein Omar and Timothy Saunders. The team, based in London, New York, Melbourne, Toronto, and Johannesburg & New Delhi, is well-equipped to manage and grow a successful project, with professional competence in IT, Management, Engineering, Social Media, and Education. The team is able to provide 24/7 operations and assistance to investors whilst building what they believe to be a vast and game changing utility platform for the BSC and crypto in general.

According to visionary Chief Operations Officer Rick Duke, the platform will build the infrastructure of real change, real utility, and longevity that the space is crying out for. The company's constant growth is traceable to the knowledge and experience of Rick and his development team. The company has extensive marketing and expansion plans and will be collaborating with some of the best names in the crypto world to facilitate the company’s growth. Their all-encompassing platform and uncompromising vision for a safer investor environment is already attracting attention from some big players in blockchain cyber security.

The platform, which will have its own brand, will have a host of handy features and provide investors with a one stop place for safer trading and unrivalled utility.

Features such as crypto university with additional rewards for completing short courses, contract scanning and mapping tools to detect scams, crypto trading with a variety of features, gaming, exclusive NFT minting and marketplace facilities, tax & accounting tools to automatically log your requirements based on your own trades, a safe listing section for only KYC and fully vetted projects, staking and much more. They even have some never before seen anti scammer weapons that they believe will make babyLONDON investors the most protected crypto community in the world.  

Most significant of all these features is the unique system of using advertising revenues generated by the site. These additional revenues will be used to support the native token, with all profits used to buy the babyLONDON token on the open market. By doing this the team plan on creating consistent buy pressure to support the Ethereum passive income rewards system. All tokens purchase through the additional revenue streams will then be burnt, and with this coin burning happening on a daily basis, the team plan to create scarcity and stable price action. 

The company has many different social media platforms such as YouTube, Telegram, Twitter etc., for their investors and wider crypto community  to interact with Baby London and they are on hand 24/7 to ensure the welfare of their holders, and to spread their vision and plans for the future.

babyLONDON has everything ready to penetrate further a field in the Asia markets, and plan to become a globally renowned name. They believe they are a crypto currency with a strong ambition for change and comprehensive strategies to achieve this.

With advertising campaigns running on Times Square billboards, the London transport network and on the streets of Shanghai, babyLONDON have no plans to take the foot off the gas in developing the project and its reach. 

babyLONDON was launched on August 8th 2021 and is tradable on Pancakeswap, IndoEx & BigONE exchanges.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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