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Biexbi - The most innovative platform from the Middle East

Biexbi - The most innovative platform from the Middle East

Being a newbie or even an expert in the crypto world has always been difficult. Finding a suitable platform just seems to be more challenging these days. Not all platforms will be able to deal with the current market's volatility.

Biexbi is a new platform founded in 2021 in Turkey by a team of creative minds that wants to revolutionize the market.

But what makes them different from other platforms?

Biexbi features

Biexbi is a crypto platform that wants to get rid of the biggest problem with which users are confronting within domestic cryptocurrencies exchanges as they cannot trade at the global market prices.

Great losses recently are incurred when the trading transactions cannot be made on time and at the right price as they are not on the global market. The Biexbi platform came up with a system that will fill the trading gap in which the investors have been getting in trouble when making transactions. 

Having connections with the international exchange platforms Binance and FTX, Biexbi ensures that trading orders are executed at the global market price. By doing this, the investment will be traded instantly at the global price, and the member will be able to minimize the loss-making maximum profit.

What is Biexbi?

The platform was created in Turkey in 2021 by OFD YAZILIM VE TEKNOLOJI A.Ş. They have acquired their corporate identity as Biexbi. They are registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and offer services in accordance with the legal requirements of the Republic of Turkey's Virtual Marketplace.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface and professional infrastructure, allowing customers to access the volume and market speed that drives them to prefer the global stock exchange. 

They chose to create such a platform since the market requires an application that operates swiftly and efficiently and has a useful UI.

Biexbi aims to provide its members with the most privileged access to ever-evolving and changing blockchain technology. They will transform the way the blockchain develops by building a completely new sector with their innovative staff.

Biexbi Token

The Biexbi platform has its own token, BXB, with a total cap of 75 million that will be launched on the Ethereum platform. 

Biexbi offers a common wallet area, a simple and easy-to-use interface, a high-level security system, an ICO, and Biexbi Coin (BXB) rights, among other things.

Members who own a BXB token will earn a monthly commission of 30% as a reward in USDT tokens. Holders can perform trades with a certain fee reduction and borrow other cryptocurrencies worth up to 60% of their BXB value. Owners of BXB can vote on new projects and coin listings.

When BXB holders choose to pay the commission with the token in all trading transactions, they will receive a 25% commission charge decrease.

In addition, the Biexbi cryptocurrency will be a derivative exchange that will offer SPOT features, OTC trading, and leveraged tokens. In addition, they will launch a liquidity pool with FTX Binance.


Biexbi is here to take a new path that others will be afraid to take. They seek to revolutionize the market by introducing new products and positioning themselves as the greatest yet. 

You should not be afraid to invest with Biexbi. Get a spot on one of the greatest teams and begin your crypto journey. 

You may also connect with them on their social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.

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