Why You Should Pay Attention To Mythical Beings in The NFT Space

Why You Should Pay Attention To Mythical Beings in The NFT Space

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Non-fungible tokens are a booming industry, as numerous projects continue to gain traction quickly. Mythical Beings, a mythology-oriented NFT collection, is one of the projects that seem to fly under most people's radars. It is a bit surprising, considering how the card packs are very accessible and affordable, and its overall volume is seemingly on the rise.

Why Mythical Beings Became Successful

Even though there are many NFT projects on the market today, several of them tend to be successful along with others. That success can be quantified differently, although most people will not look past the overall sales volume. It is crucial to note that sales volume comes in two forms: primary sales from the Mythical Beings smart contract and trades from the secondary market. Any NFT project with an active secondary market usually has a good chance of succeeding. 

As Mythical Beings revolves around mythological creatures which suddenly appeared worldwide as of June 1, 2021, there is a growing interest in this project. The NFT collection consists of dozens of creatures belonging to cultures from the five continents. Creatures to collect include the yeti or Arab Ifrit, which have a special meaning to the people who grew up with these tales and legends. However, there are also less-known cultures that are represented, creating a highly collectible and educational set of NFTs.

Users can acquire the cards by buying card packs. Three different card types exist: common, rare, and epic. Every pack has three cards for $2, which is more than affordable compared to other NFTs on the market. Any duplicates that players earn can be sold through peer-to-peer exchanges, the game's Discord, or the decentralized exchange. However, players may also want to explore the crafting of higher-level cards. 

Sales Volume And User Growth

Considering how Mythical Beings will have multiple seasons, users have until October 1 to complete the current set. However, users will need to be invited by another player, and there is a limited number of invites to go around. Using Discord for an invite may be the best option to explore, which is accessible through the project's NFT wallet once you register an account.

Numbers-wise, Mythical Beings has proven to be rather successful since its launch. The platform notes 149 unique users and 8,316 card sales directly from the smart contract. Those sales are all packs being bought and sold, confirming people are trying to complete their sets before the October 1 deadline. Moreover, there have been 2,074 card sales through secondary markets, which is a more than healthy figure given how new this project is. 

With a current market cap of $200,000, Mythical Beings is still in the early stages of gaining traction. The volumes are on the rise, as are the overall sales. The team recently concluded an airdrop that awarded up to three free card packs to everyone who participated. These mythological creatures are slowly becoming more common, allowing more players to complete their collections.

For those who complete the season1  collection, there is an extra incentive. Every three days, 50% of the smart contract income from Mythical Beings is distributed to all users who completed the set. Additionally, these users can receive one of two copies of the most special NFT in the collection, the Occitan dragon Tarasca. There are only 250 copies of that card, and it distributes 10% of the smart contract income to its holders periodically. 


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