Sportemon Go is Creating Next Generation Sports NFTs Powered by Superstars and Legends verified by Chainlink’s VRF Solution

Sportemon Go is Creating Next Generation Sports NFTs Powered by Superstars and Legends verified by Chainlink’s VRF Solution

With the recent outburst in the Crypto space, many new NFT platforms are emerging from the ashes. But, there are only a few who are able to deliver what they promise, it takes 30 years of real business experience to produce something unique, innovative and special. With extensive expertise across all areas of global sports, former professional athlete, athlete management, licensing, collectibles, digital trading cards, AR creative studio, fantasy sports, mass media marketing, sports betting, casino, virtual sports and esports. Providing NFT collectors the capability to DYO experience, buy, create, store and trade anything which is virtual possible and all verified by top 15 coin Chainlink! This is the reason Sportemon Go is a rising star, a standout for collectible sports NFTs and a big reason for its tremendous popularity. 

Sportemon Go - Powered by SGO Token, Verified by Chainlink with cross chain capability thanks to the Verve Network partnership. A True Game Changer!

What makes Sportemon Go unique is its multi-layered platform. It not only allows users to collect NFT, but through this users can also participate in mini-games, loyalty collections and earn rare rewards and bonuses on the end to end sportemon ecosystem.  It was founded in 2018 by Ricky and Corey Jackson. With its founder’s illustrious background in creating scaleable global sports businesses, sporting software, across trading cards, fantasy sports, affiliates and betting, combined with Chainlink and Nerve Network partnerships the company will unleash a platform that is the clear leader to global NFT standards. 

Sportemon Go has integrated the Chainlink VRF present on the Binance Smart Chain and now added cross chain capabilities thanks to Verve Network. The Chainlink VRF provides randomness within its gaming segments, allowing for lotto, lucky ticket and limited edition mints other instant win competitions. The company has managed to leverage its sports heritage, with technology and commercially savvy outcomes to create an unbiased result system whose outputs are irreplaceable. Through this, the company plans to create an NFT sports physical and digital metaverse that will allow users to trade cards and experience digital assets in augmented reality.

Its ecosystem involves interactive gaming, prediction markets, and NFT/physical collectibles taken from every segment of sports including esports, virtual sports, etc. Furthermore, it will also be a one-of-a-kind sports-based NFT platform with interactive gaming elements powered by artificial intelligence and AR.

Due to the rising demand for NFT sports and entertainment based collectibles, users are ready to splurge on unique collectibles all across the globe. SGO’s innovative next gen tech with unified NFT platform allows users to hunt, find, buy, collect, and trade dynamic NFTs in real-time. It will also allow participants to interact with digital NFTs at physical stadiums, sporting events, and virtually globally. 

The company also revealed its future endeavors, saying, “We plan to expand our integration in the future, connecting with other Chainlink data feeds, more global media partners, top tier brand betting and lotto partners to empower new user experiences.” Doing so will allow Sportemon Go to mint NFT trading cards and power up play based on individual player stats and live in play opportunities, generating fan rewards when specific match outcomes occur.

Sportemon Go will use Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function for on-chain randomness to settle games instantly. The company also plans to leverage this to distribute trading card NFTs that gamers can find while exploring its AR metaverse or by winning competitions. 

The future of digital assets is yet to be explored, but it close and in the 3rd or 4th quarter you will see NFT and AR experiences come to life on the Sportemon Go platform that will be years ahead of the competition product offering. Sportemon Go has pushed the boundary of sports realms of possibility with a in-house AR/VR studio. They are looking to inject sports data taken from Chainlink to alter these environments and be at the forefront of the intersection of entertainment, igaming, collecting and betting within a single tokenized ecosystem.

Sportemon Go and Chainlink are already working on their first product collaboration as we speak. This involves the SGO Global Brand Launch at the Graffiti Mansion promotion on the 4th of July. Independence Day for America and Independence Day for Crypto, as this is a Game Changer and Crypto will never be the same again. 

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