DeFi gaming is here to stay: Introducing CoinFantasy.

DeFi gaming is here to stay: Introducing CoinFantasy.

The gaming industry is considered one of the fastest-growing sectors. In the last few years, the demand for fantasy gaming has increased, with more and more users jumping in the gaming feast and taking their share of fun. The fantasy gaming program provides a rich and refined game interface that allows players to participate in the creation of private leagues and track players’ results and positions on match days in real-time. It offers a thrilling experience to the players as they dive into a new genre of gaming. 

While most games stream online, players get virtual assets that help the character reach their goal using these tools, including cards, weapons, and attires. The Global Gaming Market stands at $173.70 billion in 2020, anticipates reaching a value of USD 314.40 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 9.64%.

Over 59 million people play fantasy games in the US and Canada, according to the FSGA. This number could increase to 150 million by 2022. Millions of fans across the world enjoy fantasy sports. This number could increase significantly in the near future due to the rapid adoption of easy-to-use fantasy games applications and the widespread adoption of the Internet.

Hurdles in Fantasy gaming

As the industry grows, new challenges arise. Most of these obstacles are a lack of transparency and trust between game developers and players. Games usually have an economy. This field is entirely under the control of the developer. Users also want fairness and transparency when trading and owning assets. These hurdles include centralization, late settlement, no gamification, and zero value creation.

The rise of DeFi gaming

The rise of decentralised finance marks the start of a new era; it is not only transforming the finance landscape and firmly expanding its use-cases in the art industry. The next big boom is DeFi will come from the gaming sector, with more web 2.0 games coming to web 3.0.

The DeFi mechanism allows blockchain games to offer players multiple ways to calculate and receive rewards. This increase in monetary gain is interesting. Prediction and fantasy games are some of the most popular genres in the blockchain. This is because players can feel associated with real-world games and use their expertise to bet on the consequences and earn rewards in tokens to sell and exchange their tokens and assets. 

Introducing CoinFantasy: The solution to current hurdles 

CoinFantasy, a top-notch NFT based fantasy gaming platform, invites users to predict their favourite coins’ outcomes and earn crypto.  The highly gamified platform allows users to interact with multiple gaming options, including where users can enjoy instant rewards.

The platform tailors to provide gamers easy access while eliminating the rigorous process and delayed settlements. The platform overcomes the hurdles of the current gaming sector with its decentralised, secure, gamified, and instant settlement platform. The native token of the platform, cFantasy token is a utility token that plays a major role in the CoinFantasy ecosystem with exclusive voting rights, enabling users to cast their vote in any decision for increasing platform functionality and usability.

The Uniques features offered by CoinFantasy

Some of the features which make CoinFantasy stand out among its competitors are: 

NFT Launchpads -  By adopting the elements of game theory, CoinFantasy incentivizes repetition by allowing users to mint limited edition NFTs and sell them on the launchpad.  Also users who purchase these NFTs will receive a share of the prize money as royalty deal. 

CoinLaunch -  CoinLaunch is a proof of concept to gamify launchpads where users participate in games to get whitelisted for coin allocation and airdrops. This mechanism prevents bots and ensures genuine people who are interested in the platform.

DeFi - CoinFantasy uses on-chain data and AI technology to create a credit score for the users. This credit score is an alternative to the traditional credit score and enables unique DeFi elements such as under collateralized loans, insurance for game creators and Yield Farming. 

CoinFantasy was launched with the vision to gamify finance and introduce the concept of fantasy gaming to the financial markets.

For more details about CoinFantasy visit their website on or join their telegram channel here:

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