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The Symbol of the Crypto Era: Get to know the Tokenized Jewellery

The Symbol of the Crypto Era: Get to know the Tokenized Jewellery

Jewelry has always been considered a symbol of power, even in the modern era. Humans have been flaunting different types of jewelry since the stone age in the form of necklaces made out of stone and bones. Over the years, as humans found rare and exclusive materials such as gold, diamonds, or emeralds, the meaning of jewelry changed. 

In the modern age, jewelry has a different meaning altogether and varies from place to place. However, few materials have global significance and are used all ar ound the world, such as:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Pearls 

All of these materials hold individual significance and are used for a plethora of purposes. However, as tokenization increases its popularity in the crypto-influenced world, it was only a matter of time when these materials also became a part of the crypto world. Tokenization helps to add value to already invaluable substances and increase their uses. 

Various platforms have taken the tokenization approach to the next level using NFTs and adding value to real-world items such as music, images, collectibles, socks (UniSocks), diamonds, gold, etc. DESIRED is one such platform that has created an exquisite collection of Bitcoin-inspired gold rings called Diamond Hands.

Diamond Hands by DESIRED

Diamond Hands is an attractive term in itself as it means "someone who holds stocks adamantly". Diamond Hands refers to someone who has the decisive goal to hold stock or asset to reach an end goal despite the market fluctuations. The collection Diamond Hands by DESIRED signifies ideals of Burch and Sarayev such as luxury, elegance, quality, and crypto, as evident from their design. 

As the world moves towards tokenization, Diamond Hands brings a unique item to the mix. Starting from Bitcoin-inspired rings, Desired plans to expand its catalogs with Bitcoin-inspired necklaces and watches

Desired is a premium jewelry brand that focuses on creating exquisite pieces of jewelry for the public. It was founded by Roman Burch, who has been buying famous jewelry for his Russian clients for a better part of a decade. Burch created the company to overcome the problem of poor quality jewelry designed from machines and mass production.

Burch believes that every piece of jewelry holds greater significance than an ornament and must be unique and pure. With DESIRED, Burch aims to educate the masses about the importance of jewelry as a part of family history. He believes, 

"We live in a time of mass consumption and cutting-edge technology which simplified the task of making jewelry and, as a result, the industry, unfortunately, moved to the mass market. Expensive designed jewelry has been replaced by stamped jewelry. Standard models with cheap gems and the same quality quickly fall into disrepair. Buyers are not always told about the real quality and main differences."

Burch, with Yevgeniy Sarayev, created a new tokenized collection called Diamond Hands that features 100 Bitcoin-inspired rings made out of gold and fitted with diamonds and emeralds. Sarayev is a crypto expert and angel investor for several blockchain projects. He is the co-founder of currently developing crypto vault-app Dindex and XStarter, a cross-chain startup accelerator. Together they created a tokenized ring as a tribute to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

The collection includes 100 rings with a bonding curve that raises the item's price after every sale by 6%. It is a sales mechanism designed to incentivize early transactions as early holders will benefit the most from every purchase. Accordingly, every ring is assigned a utility token IBWT (In Bitcoin We Trust) that can be traded on the platform to get the physical ring. As such, this type of sale is very suitable for limited goods. Without any doubts, Diamond Hands is following the path that many other luxury brands will take in the future.

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