TAB APP (TABUS) will Launch One Stop Crypto Ecosystem for All Needs Ecommerce

TAB APP (TABUS) will Launch One Stop Crypto Ecosystem for All Needs Ecommerce

The TAB Mobile (TABUS) is a brand-new crypto-economic system that quickly creates a shop or business account for its users and introduces their services and products. TABUS launches this Application. It utilizes a uniform system that aims to meet peer-to-peer payment requirements. It also streamlines crypto exchange investments and related digital transactions. The payment method  using TAB token (TRC21, TomoChain) 

World needs the mobile application to have all the functions: e-commerce platforms, social networks, exchanges and e-wallets where users can buy and sell, payment online with crypto, make friends, dating, find jobs, borrowing, exchanging cryptocurrencies and storing cryptocurrencies. TABUS have all functions in one like that. TABUS create the crypto ecosystem that includes: e-commerce, social networks, exchanges and crypto wallets 

The team behind its development comprises experienced professionals who clearly understand modern problems. By utilizing their ideology, TABAUS looks forward to gaining more importance in the crypto space. Many applications can connect people at two ends, but TAB Mobile carries something which can change the whole scenario. It has developed a system that can connect people through new technologies that are faster, cheaper, and safer. The service promises to deliver tremendous value in the cryptocurrency space through its wide range of innovative financial products powered by a robust blockchain framework.

This application includes e-commerce and exchanges platform, TAB token used as payment method and bonus, for each member's actions such as buy, sell, order, comment, post...bonus points are awarded to members, members can buy and sell bonus token to TAB and Tab to tokens, the token use for purchasing advertising post, banner or product 

TABUS on user’s urge for an all-in-one platform, which offers functions like e-commerce platforms, social networks, exchanges, and e-wallets. It will also provide buying and selling with cryptocurrencies. What’s more, users will also find friends, borrow or exchange cryptocurrencies and even find jobs online. 

The application also adheres to secure handling of user’s digital assets while delivering advice and suggestions for consistent profit maximization. It offers diversified financial services like product loans, investment vehicles, and digital crypto wallets. Through this, traders can trade independently and cease at any point irrespective of geographic boundaries all around the globe. 

The vision behind TAB App was to make banking, social networking, transacting, investing, and any other e-commerce operation handy to users from any background. It understands one's everyday hassles of switching to different apps. It objectifies cutting off every unnecessary hurdle and brings the finance and networking-related processes under the same roof. Especially during the pandemic when every small and large investor was working hard to earn their share, this Application opened its doors for investors to maximize their returns. 

One of the unique aspects of this application is its underlying architecture, a string blockchain named TomoChain. This Chain works on advanced algorithms that deploy the Proof of Stake mechanism, making this application one of the safest and convenient platforms to use. Besides security, it also presents a faster user interface. In contrast to other financial media, TABUS aims to meet its customer’s expectations by maintaining its standards. While taking care of critical aspects, the TABUS also pays attention to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  Furthermore, this framework makes it extremely easy to deploy decentralized services on the platform, thus enabling seamless financial functionalities and flexibility.  

TABUS is looking forward to deploying this application globally from August 2021.

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