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Valour, Swiss-Based Asset Manager, Launches Cardano And Polkadot ETPs

Valour, Swiss-Based Asset Manager, Launches Cardano And Polkadot ETPs

Valour, a Swiss digital asset investment firm, is launching two new exchange-traded products (ETPs), Valour Cardano (ADA) SEK and Valour Polkadot (DOT) SEK. Trading in Valour Cardano (ADA) SEK will begin on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) stock exchange today, May 18th.

Trading in Valour Polkadot (DOT) SEK will begin later this month. The ETPs are fully backed by ADA and DOT, offering exposure to the cryptocurrencies from Cardano and Polkadot.

Valour Offers Investors Risk-Free Exposure To Top Cryptos

Valour is a Zug-based subsidiary of Canadian decentralized finance (DeFi) asset manager DeFi Technologies. The new ETPs, Valour Cardano (ADA) SEK and Valour Polkadot (DOT) SEK, enable individuals and institutions to invest in these tokens as easily as buying shares from banks or brokers. 

Investors gain exposure to top cryptocurrencies like ADA and DOT through Valour. They benefit from standardization, risk reduction, and operational efficiency that tokens listed on the regulated stock exchanges bring to the table. 

Valour will purchase an equal amount of the underlying digital asset for their product that is traded on the stock exchange, backing it entirely. ADA and DOT are among the top ten cryptos globally, with Cardano having a market capitalization valued at $65 billion and Polkadot at $37 billion.

Valour CEO Diana Biggs states,

"Following the success of our Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs, we've had growing investor demand for further digital asset products. With the increasing development and understanding of these technologies, we're thrilled to bring investors the most cost-effective and secure way to access investment in innovative protocols like Cardano and Polkadot."

Details Of Valour ETPs On The NGM

The two ETPs are fully-hedged and passive investment products with their respective underlying assets. Cardano backs the Valour Cardano SEK with ADA, while Polkadot backs the Valour Polkadot SEK with DOT.

The new Valour ETPs are available in Swedish Krona and traded on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM), a regulated stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. The local tickers are VALOUR CARDANO SEK and VALOUR POLKADOT SEK. 

The ETPs remove the complexity and cost of ADA and DOT investments and custody, a major factor that hindered the mainstream adoption of digital assets. They will be available for purchase just the way other securities are, through banks and brokers.

What is Valour?

Valour Structured Products Inc. was established in 2019 in Zug, Switzerland. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeFi Technologies Inc., based in Canada. Valour issues Exchange Traded Products focusing on Digital Assets and offers exchange-listed financial products that allow trading of digital assets transparently and securely.

Wouter Witvoet, the co-founder of Valour, is thrilled to see the progress made by the Valour team in launching an innovative product to the public markets. Cardano is a leading player in the crypto space and is focused on change-makers. 

But it might be hard for investors to gain access to these opportunities because of the regulatory compliances in place. This is where Valour comes into the picture. Witvoet added:

"It is sometimes hard to get access to these opportunities because of regulatory constraints for difficulty in navigating the crypto landscape. Valour, part of DeFi, removes such constraints by providing easy access to crypto assets through your regular brokerage accounts. We're excited to see the market adoption and response to yet another great product coming out of the family."

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