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IOST-Powered Revival NFT Marketplace Aims To Launch In June 2021

IOST-Powered Revival NFT Marketplace Aims To Launch In June 2021

The EMOGI Network (LOL) team will be launching the Revival NFT Marketplace in late June 2021. Revival will be the first multi-chain aggregated NFT trading platform on IOST. IOST has a proven track record and is quickly becoming the preferred platform for developers who want a secure and gas-efficient platform for their decentralized applications.

IOST is backed by VC firms that include the likes of Zhenfund, Matrix, and Sequoia. The Proof-of-Believability powered platform tackles the scalability trilemma and has been ranked the best blockchain platform, even better than Ethereum and EOS, by China’s CCID.

IOST has proven a solid and massive development track record in Japan. The coin was voted as the most popular potential coin on Huobi Japan, outperforming ENJ, NEO, ONT, QTUM, and XTZ.

A Host Of Exciting Features

Revival will bring exciting features such as fixed price trading, NFT auctions, and the Margin Reward Mechanism. Built on IOST, the fast, secure, and gas-efficient blockchain, it also provides artists a seamless experience through which they can create, buy and sell NFT artwork.

The Revival NFT Fund

With its foray into the NFT space, the team at EMOGI Network (LOL) is also unveiling the Revival NFT Fund. With a corpus of $20 million, the fund will focus on attracting digital artists and the tokenization of high-quality artwork. 

Part of the fund will also be used to build collaborations with leading institutions in the NFT space and supporting the next generation of artists. Revival will achieve this by promoting the tokenization of high-quality art, supporting artists, and also redefining an artworks' investment and collection value.

A Platform To Showcase Digital Artwork

Revival applies DeFi to NFT trading and provides artists and creators a platform to showcase their digital artwork. The NFT Fund connects creators with collectors through the marketplace and our partner network while also enabling stakeholders to receive benefits thanks to the combination of traditional artwork and blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.