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Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs To Launch The World’s First Carbon Neutral NFT

Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs To Launch The World’s First Carbon Neutral NFT

FA Cup and Premier League winner Christian Fuchs will launch the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT drop by an athlete to celebrate and honor his Leicester City career. In addition, the NFT will include exclusive footage of Fuch’s iconic victory celebration back from when Leicester won the Premier League. 

It will also feature the memories collection, developed in collaboration with the world’s best digital artists Dave Merrell and Scott McRoy. In addition, the collection will include six pieces of exclusive digital art that capture some of Fuch’s key sporting moments. 

The Only Video Of Its Kind In Existence 

The 30-second video of Leicester winning the 2016 Premier League has garnered 12 million views. It is the only one of its kind to exist and has been featured in the top 5 globally shared sporting tweets of 2016. 

The video was shot by Fuchs himself and shows Leicester’s celebration on winning the Premier League after being written off as relegation candidates, with odds of 5000:1.

A Chance To Own A Moment In An Illustrious Career 

Fuchs, in partnership with esports and gaming agency Epic Global, and ARterra, a leading NFT fan engagement platform, will auction the video and a signed Leicester City jersey from their title-winning campaign, packaged as an NFT file, giving fans and collectors a chance to own a part of history. 

Fuchs will also be selling copies of the limited-edition memories collection as NFTs, ensuring that his fans will have access to them. In addition, the memories collection will feature an exclusive animation by Dave Merrel of Fuchs throw-in at Sanchez and a Scott McRoy illustration of Fuchs lifting the League trophy. Fans will also have the chance to win signed memorabilia and will also play him in a game of FIFA through the online platform BAST.

Exploring Business Opportunities 

Christian Fuchs commented on the NFT drop stating, 

“Football has been my passion and focus my whole life, but more recently, I’ve been exploring business opportunities in other areas, such as launching my esports team in 2018. Making the move from football to esports and now NFT is an exciting prospect as it enables me to offer my fanbase the chance to own some of the most significant moments in my career, starting with my first NFT drop.”

The NFT drop will be the first athlete collection to be recorded and sold over the Ethereum blockchain on the NEAR exchange. 

About Epic Global 

Epic Global, the gaming and esports agency, is working with Fuchs and other high-profile sports stars. The company connects athletes, influencers, brands, and rightsholders with the world of esports, gaming, and NFTs. Epic Global provides marketing, commercial, and industry expertise, making esports and gaming accessible. 

Founder of Epic Global, Trevor Keane commented, 

“At Epic Global, we help brands, teams, and athletes enter the gaming, esports, and cryptocurrency markets, enabling them to capitalize on the huge growth potential these markets offer. So, working with Christian on the launch of his NFT drop has been a very rewarding process. Not only are we making history, as it’s the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT collection by an athlete, but we’re also offering priceless memorabilia to sports collectors and fans with his historical Premier League win video and a range of stunning digital art.” 

The Christian Fuchs video and NFT drop will be available on his website in early June 2021.

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