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Comedian and Ex-UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub To Tokenize Podcast With NFTs

Comedian and Ex-UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub To Tokenize Podcast With NFTs

Standup comic, Podcast host, and TV personality Brendan Schaub has become the first comedian to tokenize his podcast with an NFT, offering his dynamic podcast content inside a special NFT.

Hosting Some Well Known Shows

Schaub is the host of some well-known shows such as Below the Belt on Showtime, which also included the series Food Truck Diaries, Fighter and the Kidz with Shapel Lacey, a show that generates 10 million views per month, and is also a co-host on King and the Sting, with comedian Theo Von.

Schaub’s first comedy special, “You’d be surprised” released in 2019 on Showtime, and he can also be seen on Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, Comedy Central 100 best roast, MTV Ridiculousness with Rob Dyredek, Hot Box’n with Mike Tyson, and is regularly featured on the JRE podcast.

As a result, Schaub has cemented his reputation as a dynamic content creator, and his innovativeness has seen him become a pioneer in the NFT space by offering his podcast in a special NFT.

A Podcast In An NFT

Schaub recognized the need and potential of digital fan memorabilia through unique tokens. He found the solution by curating a podcast on the blockchain, becoming the first comedian to do so. The NFT experience features a 1:1 token containing the exclusive podcast and is available only to the token owner.

The token holder will also be able to gain full access and full control of the episode. By creating a podcast in an NFT, Schaub has shown other comedians that they can have greater control over their rights to the content and their earnings.

Why This Matters

Schaub is the first comedian to offer their podcast as an NFT, recognizing the importance for digital creators to regain and retain ownership of their work. As a result, Schaub is tokenizing a limited number of podcasts through smart contracts, allowing him to control the deployment and security of his digital content.

Tokenizing the podcast will allow Schaub to be in complete control of earnings and of assigning ownership to all his digital content. All NFT podcasts will be unique and will be available only through digital tokens. The number of tokens available will be limited, with Schaub hoping that the scarcity of tokens will encourage the NFT owners to resell them, creating more demand for his work.

Thanks to Schaub, owning digital content will pay off in the future, as the smart contracts will enable content creators to earn royalties on future sales of their content, making it one of the essential features of the smart contracts in the NFTs. Schaub’s endeavor has shown how powerful NFTs can be, and he is hopeful that others can also monetize their content by leveraging blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.