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Plasm Network Partners With Patract To Help Developer Community

Plasm Network Partners With Patract To Help Developer Community

The Plasm Network has just announced a strategic partnership with Patract Labs, a solution provider for the development of Parachains and dApps in the WASM ecosystem of Polkadot.

Patract’s solutions help the community at large to design and develop runtime support and on-chain contract modules. The platform also provides developers full support, including full-stack tools and services, testing, debugging, development, deployment, monitoring, and other support services.

Aiming To Become The Best Smart Contract Platform and dApp hub on Polkadot.

Plasm supports cutting-edge Layer 2 solutions such as Roll-up. Through support to WebAssembly and Ethereum Solidity, users can deploy all existing smart contracts directly to the Plasm Network without making any changes to them.

The team behind the Plasm Network plans to connect it to multiple blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum and Cosmos. It plans to do this using the network’s multi-chain bridges. The team hopes to make Plasm the best smart contract platform and a dApp hub on the Polkadot blockchain.

Support To WebAssembly

Although Ethereum Virtual Machine has its advantages, The Plasm Network has thrown its weight behind WebAssembly, supporting WebAssembly based smart contracts since the start. The Plasm Network strongly believes that WebAssembly is the future, thanks to its high performance and cost-efficiency.

Patract’s Redspot Tool Comes To Plasm

Plasm will use this partnership to promote the Redspot tool in its developer community. This will allow developers to test, debug their WASM smart contracts using Redspot and Plasm’s testnet development node.

Besides, Plasm will gain access to Europa, which will allow developers to simulate interactions with Plasm nodes. Plasm’s developer community will also create smart contracts for Metis Library. These smart contracts will be used for Plasm-specific use cases.

Patract Will Assist Plasm To Build WASM Ecosystems

Patract will use its expertise and work with Plasm, offering services support and building the WASM ecosystem. The Plasm Network will also get support from Patract’s API suite Elara. Developers will be able to use Elara’s JSON-RPC interface to access the Plasm Network without synchronizing blocks or settings.

Elara’s JSON-RPC interface is based on HTTPS and WebSocket. Using Elara will make it easy, quick, and cost-efficient for developers to build apps on the Plasm Network.

About Plasm

Plasm is a dApps hub on Polkadot. It supports Layer-2 solutions like ZK Rollups and Ethereum. Plasm hopes to become a multi-chain smart contract platform capable of supporting multiple blockchains and virtual machines.

About Patract

Patract provides solutions for Parachain and dApp development in the WASM ecosystem of Polkadot. Patract enables the developer community to design and develop on-chain contract modules, Runtime support and provide full support in areas ranging from tools and services support to testing and debugging support.

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