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Popular Crypto Streamer, BitBoy, To Launch NFTs Via ThetaDrop In May

Popular Crypto Streamer, BitBoy, To Launch NFTs Via ThetaDrop In May

BitBoy, the popular crypto streamer with over 750000 followers and co-host of the New Money Gang podcast, announced that his Theta NFTs will be launched on ThetaDrop in May. He's a part of a group of creators who are launch partners for the ThetaDrop general NFT marketplace. 

BitBoy tweeted:

"We love #NFTs! We're doing an exclusive drop with @Theta_Network / @ThetaDrop. With unlockable NFTs to include merchandise, in-person meetups, and the chance to play a game of online poker with me! Coming May 2021."

Theta's NFT marketplace will open up broadly in May and June and showcase partnerships with brands such as World Poker Tour. BitBoy's website, BitBoyCrypto, dedicated to educating and informing the public on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, will also launch his Theta NFTs. 

BitBoy NFTs Come With Real Value Perks

BitBoy is incredibly popular, and his Youtube videos garner daily view counts higher than 200000. The NFTs built on the Theta blockchain will be released as a part of a dedicated section on his website. BitBoy will go live during the NFT drop. 

The NFT drops will be created in the BitBerse comic-themed art style and will be very eye-catching. These are not just for collecting but also linked to real value items that buyers can redeem in real-time or at a later date. 

The real value items include a private zoom call with BitBoy, exclusive BitBoy merchandise, in-person meetups, and the chance to play a game of online poker with him. The purchasers of the NFTs will receive an exclusive badge allowing them to chat on 

ThethaDrop Offers Real-Time Interaction Between Creators And Buyers 

ThetaDrop's real-time NFT marketplace allows the artist or influencer to interact with their fans directly. This is an excellent method to increase engagement and interactivity on a global scale. The NFT drop mimics the social aspect of traditional art gallery openings where the artist and the buyers meet and greet each other.

NFTs are gaining a lot of attention and traction among creators and influencers. The theta platform offers a lot of value while creating NFTs as gas fees are 99% cheaper than Ethereum. The platform provides fast transactions and has low energy demands due to Theta's Proof of Stake consensus protocol.

ThetaDrop TFUEL Transactions Packed With Benefits

Theta's utility token is TFUEL, and users of the ThetaDrop platform will need this token to create, buy, sell and transact digital NFT assets. Once the NFTs are minted, buyers need to use TFUEL to purchase NFT packs and pre-fund their account with the token to gain added benefits.

Sellers who are offering NFTs can accept TFUEL as a form of payment. Upon transferring NFT from the seller to the buyer's wallet, TFUEL transaction fees will be burned. Utilizing TFUEL on the ThetaDrop platform will grant additional benefits too. The team will disclose these benefits soon.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.