Verge Core Team Member Sheds Light On Voice Life Partnership

Verge Core Team Member Sheds Light On Voice Life Partnership

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Verge core team member and graphic designer, who goes by the moniker CityBoi (@CBoisss), tweeted a detailed thread regarding Verge and Voice Life's partnership.

The partnership was made in December 2020 and combines Voice Life's FFWCS smartphone capabilities with VergePAY to design a blockchain-based system utilizing Verge Currency (XVG) for daily activities.

Introducing Voice Life And The FFWCS

Voice Life focused on developing, integrating, and applying a fast-wireless charging solution to mobile devices. The company was founded in 2015 and has created the Far Field Wireless Charging System (FFWCS). 

The FFWCS is a technology-based on a terahertz-based scalable network creating the next advancement in charging, maintaining the use and availability of smartphones and other electric-based products and devices.

The technology has a specialized universal transceiver that uses blockchain technology enhanced by artificial intelligence and utilizes current and future data and voice transmission networks. This combination focuses on extracting power from ubiquitous energy sources to charge electronic devices, including smartphones.  

The Role Verge Plays In The Equation

Verge Currency (XVG) is a decentralized digital currency pushed forward by a team of volunteers through VergePay. It was built from the foundation of Bitcoin and promotes ease-of-use, speed, and community ownership. 

Voice Life was looking for a suitable partner to continue developing the world's first open-source blockchain-based wireless power network. Enter, Verge Currency. Together, they further developed the technology that serves as part of the next-generation decentralized infrastructure for the blockchain industry. 

The team showcased the prototype at CES 2021: an influential Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas every January, one of the largest of its kind. The prototypes showcased the ability to charge a smartphone from 0 to 100% in 2 minutes. Not only did they harvest the energy, but they could supercharge it as well. 

Harvesting Energy From The Air

While some people have doubted the technology, scientists agree that this is possible. According to a press release from the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, their team of scientists developed a new energy harvesting method from radio waves to power wearable devices. 

Lead author Huanyu Larry Cheng stated, 

"We are utilizing the energy that already surrounds us — radio waves are everywhere, all the time. If we don't use this energy found in the ambient environment, it is simply wasted. We can harvest this energy and rectify it into power."

In March 2020, Physicists at MIT had come up with a blueprint for a device that would convert terahertz waves into a form of electricity that can power household electronics. The researchers have published their results in the journal Science Advances and are working with experimentalists to turn their design into a physical device.

Voice Life Ahead Of The Curve

Voice Life has been developing this technology way ahead of the curve and has managed to build working prototypes. They have patented several technologies that make it work, which means anyone wanting to use this technology must go through Voice Life. 

VoiceLife and Verge presented a working product to numerous interested parties. While people from the Verge community have been questioning the interest of big companies, CityBoi raises the question,

"Now ask yourself this: If you and others need this revolutionary tech in your life (I know I do), why wouldn't the big companies want in on it? You do the math."

Verge has an exclusive partnership with Voice Life to handle the blockchain-related aspects and offers a secure, fast, cheap, and easy way of doing transactions. Users can pay for the smartphone charges with XVG through the VergePay system running on the Verge blockchain and Verge's wallets. 

CityBoi ended the thread with another question, a rhetorical this time, saying,

"If you're looking for real-world use-cases in crypto, this is it! Thanks for reading all of this! I'm excited for the future...are you?"

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