StakeWise completes $2 million funding round prior to launch

StakeWise completes $2 million funding round prior to launch

StakeWise, the ETH2 staking protocol has announced the completion of a $2 million private funding round, led by Greenfield one, with collaboration from Collider Ventures, Gumi Cryptos, Lionschain Capital, and several private investors. 

StakeWise has the goal of becoming the most secure go-to platform for ETH2 staking. It provides important advantages over other staking solutions; in that it will offer superior yield generation with staking that employs gas efficiencies. It will also seek to provide a far better user experience than that of competitors. 

Secure cloud infrastructure ensures that validators are always up and running. StakeWise also gives full details of validator awards and how they are performing. 

Three staking strategies will be available: 

  1. Join a staking pool – stake any amount and track your earnings in real time.  
  2. Stake on your own – users with 32 ETH or more can take advantage of their own withdrawal key and validator exit. 
  3. Tokenised staking – deposit and reward tokens are minted for every ETH that is deposited on the platform. These enable an early exit from ETH2 before phase 2 and enable further yield generating possibilities. 

Jascha Samadi, Partner at Greenfield One, remarks on the opportunities he sees with StakeWise: 

“While there are a number of liquid ETH2 staking solutions on the market, the StakeWise team has gone a step further and developed a token model that also considers profit maximization and enhanced usability in DeFi,” And “We see an opportunity for StakeWise to quickly build a wide user base with this differentiated approach.” 

StakeWise co-founder, Dmitri Tsumak, added: 

“We’ve made StakeWise into a protocol where users can earn elevated yields and gain unparalleled control over their staked capital. Those who recognize this early will profit the most from staking with our network.” 

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