As it grows, how much ground will XRP cover next year?

As it grows, how much ground will XRP cover next year?

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  • Is 2021 XRP’s year?
  • How adoption will result in the success of the token.

Timothy Peterson, the well-known advocate for bitcoin and manager of global macro, believes that the San Francisco-based XRP token will have its best year in 2021 since 2017. 

As previously reported earlier this week, Peterson has recently said:

“I know it doesn’t look like much but this is $XRP lowest price forward. I think people will be surprised at $Ripple’s performance in 2021. It will probably have its best year since 2017 and maybe outperform #Bitcoin.”

As many people will already be aware, the success for ripple and its token will all depend on adoption by financial institutions. They have developed numerous new products such as rippleX in order to help facilitate a seamless transaction on the decentralised ecosystem for the network. But for the tokens targeted market, only 2% of financial institutions are actually willing to use it.

The Chief Technical Officer of Ripple, David Schwartz has previously said that there are numerous obstacles that prevent adoption for the token some of which include problems with regulation. That being said, well-known traders and investors at Galaxy trading have said that the asset is proven to be resilient.

“Although it is perhaps one of the most disliked projects, it has more than once shown its aggressive nature at a time when no one is expecting it.”

They see that the coin is capable of sparking by 10 times its current price as they say:

“We believe that this moment is very close and since catching the exact bottom is something very unpredictable, our advice to all who want to invest is to start buying at these “golden” levels of support where 10X can become a reality.”

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