Sourced Development Group Launches Partnership with Ducatus to Tap a New Breed of Property Investors

Sourced Development Group Launches Partnership with Ducatus to Tap a New Breed of Property Investors

19 November 2020, Singapore - One of the most progressive and reputable property investment companies in the UK, Sourced Development Group has been known to deliver landmark developments which provide capital growth opportunities to clients.

Some of these developments include properties in Liverpool and Manchester, which have proven to attract property investors worldwide. It currently has four large developments under construction with an estimated value of £270m.

The company - which prides itself with a com- bined 250+ years development and investment experience - recently launched Kingsway Square - luxury residential apartments offering stunning views of Liverpool’s famous city skyline.

The partnership with Ducatus through
Ducatus Property aims to expand and develop a new market – a more forward-thinking community of consumers, looking for investment opportunities that will allow them to purchase properties using digital currency.

With this strategic partnership, Sourced Development Group and Ducatus Property usher in a new era of buying and selling properties.

This is an era that advances digital economy and introduces new types of payments for a new generation of property investors who believe in a cashless future.

This movement of going cashless has been gaining considerable momentum over the past years. A movement that inspired Ducatus to work on its mission that goes beyond just the

creation of digital money: it is to develop a framework that promotes a digital economy, that will provide people with the necessary tools so they can mould their own financial future and create generational wealth.

To kick off this partnership, Ducatus offers buyers of Ducatus Coin a chance to win a Kingsway Square luxury studio apartment.

To purchase, interested customers buy online via This is for a limited time only so everyone is encouraged to avail the promo today.

To learn more about Sourced Development Group and the Ducatus group of companies, visit:




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