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The SC Shariah Advisory Council of Malaysia approves the great potential of cryptos

The SC Shariah Advisory Council of Malaysia approves the great potential of cryptos

A decision was made by the Malaysian religious authorities announcing the great potential of cryptos. Not long after the historical decision was made, announcing digital asset trading as legal under the Islamic Law, as many religious scholars in Malaysia say that crypto is a venture worth investing in.

The Chairman of the Securities Commission of the Shariah Advisory Council, Dr. Modh Daud Bakar, said that the crypto sector has potential, although its adoption in the country faced many challenges due to lack of know-how about this asset class, as reported by the Malaysian Reserve.

In Kuala Lumpur on October 6, he spoke at the 2020 SCxSC Fintech Conference. Dr. Bakar said that only about 2% of the people in Malaysia have information about cryptocurrencies. He said that this is since the digital asset was not considered as a legal tender according to religious law, although it could be treated as a commodity and could only be allowed if it was not backed by “ribawi items,” things that could be traded the same as silver and gold.

At the conference, Bakar stated that it is a legal tender and that they cannot stop individuals from using the asset as a means of exchange.

Bakar said that by accepting digital currencies, many new sectors in Malaysia would experience bullish activities, whereby crypto could be considered as an investment resource that the Malaysian people can use in buying and holding for the purpose of trade. He further emphasized on how great the potential of the cryptocurrencies is because it brings about global development in the digital economy.

The second digital currency that has been completely approved by the trade administrator is Tokenize Technology, which has also encountered an expansion in new sign-ups. Chief Hong Qi Yu told the media source that his foundation is seeing a normal everyday exchange volume of 30% to 40% increase. For months crypto was not being approved because of common use in betting online to avoid prying eyes of the regulators. In Malaysia, esports is becoming more mainstream than it used to be.

The government announced an allocation of huge amounts of money into the esports industry, leading to the rapid development of the sector in Malaysia. The esports sector has also experienced a boom together with the growth of crypto exchanges, leading to many more people showing their interest in the field, that led many individuals to search for top esports betting Malaysia in 2020 so that they can benefit from the sector while it is still at its peak.

Dr. Bakar said that this process opened ways for the people to take advantage of cryptocurrencies as a good or a company investment. Just like in many countries around the world, enthusiasm for digital currency has developed fundamentally in Malaysia as a result of the lockdown limiting travel and trivial organizations. It was reported that the country lost about 2.4 billion ringgit, an equivalent of $553 million, during the advent of the pandemic. In spite of the economic crisis which affected every part of the world, the use of digital currency for exchanging in Malaysia has shown solid development, as per two government-affirmed crypto trades.

With more than 60% of the people in Malaysia practicing Islam, Fintech firms have the chance of welcoming new Muslim traders into the digital market sector. The nation has about three authorized trades at the moment, which includes Luno Malaysia, Synergy Technologies, and Tokenize Malaysia. Binance has not been approved to operate in the region, yet, it supports the Malaysian local currency, the Ringgit.

The manager of Luno clarified that a few financial specialists are utilizing digital forms of money, like Bitcoin, to enhance their portfolios since they are stressed that large stimulus bundles and economic crises worldwide could prompt inflation.

The challenge of whether digital assets are allowed under Islam or not is still being discussed. However, in 2018, an Indonesian advisor to a local Fintech organization said that Bitcoin was acceptable generally under the Islamic Law. Before the ruling, Matthew Martin, the CEO of the firm, told Cointelegraph that there was a possibility that crypto could be permissible according to Shariah Law than fiat because it is based on proof of work instead of debt.

The Sharia Advisory Councils are the major authorities that control the enacting of Islamic laws in the function of Islamic Financial Institutions. It was declared by Malaysia’s council that digital asset trading was allowed according to the religious law.

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